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I’m sure this is an announcement that all of our faithful readers have been eagerly waiting to see. [drum roll please] We are pleased to announce that we have updated our brochures and services pages. Excited? Oh, you have not exactly been sitting on the edge of seats waiting for this? Oh, well.

Seriously, the tabs and pages (1/ Advisory, 2/ AR Wiki, 3/ Training, 4/ AR-Sales Partnership) that contain background information on SageCircle services are some of the most visited pages on the blog. This is just a heads up that we have refreshed the Continue reading

SageCircle announces the Analyst Relations Wiki, a tool to help AR teams be more efficient and effective

icon-social-media-blue.jpg[May 20, 2008] Silicon Valley. SageCircle announces that the firm is launching a wiki (an on-line encyclopedia) covering topics of interest for the analyst relations (AR) professional. The goal of the SageCircle Analyst Relations Wiki is to make AR professionals more effective and efficient by making new and classic SageContentTM and SageToolsTM available in an easy-to-use form. SageCircle AR Wiki clients will be able to take advantage of the easy-to-use interface to access the content through a number of navigation techniques and download templates quickly.

SageCircle co-founder Dave Eckert is the editor of the SageCircle AR Wiki. Dave will be leading the effort to translate SageCircle’s AR industry leading repository of content into a searchable and hyperlinked resource. According to Dave “There is a huge library of AR best practices and tools that frankly is not available to AR professionals because it is locked into PDFs or as files that are hard to search. Much of the content is in the form of individual SageNotesTM that were never designed to be linked and clients find it frustrating to find all the content related to a topic. One of our big jobs with the SageCircle AR Wiki is to organize the content so that all related content can be read in a linear fashion like a book, accessed by a topical hierarchy, surfed using hyperlinks or just searched by specific words. Needless to say, the volume of intellectual property available makes this an interesting challenge.”

Discussing one of the options, an innovative approach to content navigation, Eckert explained Continue reading

Who is attending the Forrester AR Council meeting next week? IT Forum?

SageCircle strategist Carter Lusher is heading to Lost Wages on Monday to attend the Forrester events. If you are going to either IT Forum 2008 or AR Council meeting and would like to meet, please let Carter know.  Carter will be on the “Analyst Relations 2.0″ ARC panel at 10 AM on Tuesday the 20th and attending the IT Forum through Wednesday night. Contact Carter at 650-274-8309 or carter [at] sagecircle dot com.

Call for case study volunteers – How the analysts impacted a sales deal


One of the most powerful tools that analyst relations teams have to convince their companies’ executives about the business value of AR is a case study on an impact that an industry analyst had on a specific deal. For example, when we published “SageNoteTM AR107 — Case Study: Rapid Response by AR saves a $35 Million Deal” (call if you would like a copy), our client used this case study about her situation to obtain two more headcount because executives got that AR was not expense but an investment to drive sales.

Unfortunately, most AR teams do not feel like they have the writing skills or bandwidth to create case studies.  SageCircle strategists have both. Give us a call and we will work with you to create a killer case study that you can use with your executives. There will be no cost for this service as our “payment” will be permission to publish the case study as a SageNote. You will have the option to be anonymous (e.g., “a management software company”) or named.

Call SageCircle at 650-274-8309 to volunteer to be a case study subject or to obtain a copy of SageNote AR107.

Tuesday’s Coffee Talk is on how to handle potential AR budget cuts

icon-coffee-talks.jpg Unfortunately in times of economic uncertainty, AR is one of the marketing functions that often get targeted for budget cuts. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to chat with an AR expert and bounce ideas off your peers about this unsettling prospect?

The next SageCircle Coffee Talk is happening on Tuesday, April 1st, at 8:30 am PT  on “Managing the AR budget during the recession.” The concept behind these free 30-minute sessions is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between members of the AR community. Either Dave Eckert or I will kick off a session with about five minutes of background on the topic and then open up to attendees to ask questions, exchange ideas and so on. To register for this Coffee Talk and see the other topics for the rest of 2008, please click here.

You supply the coffee, we’ll supply the talk.

Welcome Fortune readers

For those of you who are visiting SageCircle because you saw my quote in the Fortune article Web 2.0 gets down to business, welcome. SageCircle does a considerable amount of research on the use of social media within the context of IT industry analyst relations. You can find posts on this topic by clicking on “Social Media” under “Category List” in the left navigation bar. Here are some good posts to begin your search:

Now to answer a question I’ve just received from the CMO of an analyst firm: “Does your celebrity status now get you a better table at Buck’s?” If you are visiting SageCircle after reading the on-line story you missed the photo of me in Buck’s of Woodside that was in the print edition. Buck’s is a favorite haunt of VCs and Silicon Valley digerati. Well, I can hope for a better table, but having major publications use Buck’s as a backdrop is old hat for Jamis so I doubt it. If you have never visited Buck’s you can see it in the short video at Jeremiah Owyang interviews SageCircle’s Carter Lusher.

There is still time to sign up for SageCircle’s AR Seminar on Monday, March 10th

SageCircle Training - AR Effectiveness SeminarThere are still seats available for the SageCircle AR Effectiveness Seminar on Monday, March 10th in San Jose, CA. It runs from 8 am to 4:30 pm and the price includes the 155+ page binder. To learn more, click on the graphic to the right to download the brochure in PDF.

Click here to register for the seminar. Cost is $995. Annual Advisory clients received one seminar ticket with their subscription, so please check to see if you have used the ticket yet.

Looking forward to seeing you in San Jose.

ARchitect3 users — SageCircle announces an AR Effectiveness Seminar especially for you

seminar.jpgSageCircle is pleased to announce that we will be conducting a special version of our AR Effectiveness Seminar for ARchitectTM users on May 5th – 6th in Cupertino, CA.

SageCircle strategists Dave Eckert and Carter Lusher deployed and managed one of the largest implementations of ARchitect while members of the HP Corporate AR team. We were daily and heavy users of this analyst relationship management (ARM, see You need a strong ARM to help you lift your AR program) tool and found ways to incorporate the use of ARchitect in conjunction with the AR best practices developed by SageCircle. We found ARchitect to be a powerful tool to increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

In this special version of the SageCircle AR Effectiveness Seminar, we will be including tips and tricks about Continue reading

Save the date — March 10th for SageCircle’s AR Effectiveness Seminar

seminar.jpgThe goal of SageCircle’s AR Effectiveness Seminar is to teach attendees how to use powerful analyst relations best practices to leverage the analysts’ unique position in the technology marketplace to shape market perception and drive sales.

Held the day before IDC’s Directions, the seminar will be in San Jose to make it convenient for folks flying to the Silicon Valley for Directions. Get a double dose of insights and information by coming to both IDC Directions and the AR Effectiveness Seminar.

“SageCircle is a client-focused organization that has the most advanced perspective on AR that you will find. However, they are deeply rooted in what is practical because of their background as AR practitioners who actually had to deliver to demanding bosses. SageCircle has the portfolio of services and knowledge to help you take your program to the next level.” 
        Peggy O’Neill, VP of Analyst Relations, Oracle

Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks for raising awareness about SageCircle

icon-fountain-pen.jpgBack in December when we announced the launch of SageCircle, I was so busy that I did not say “thanks” to the bloggers who noted the event. So here is a belated thanks to all.

Duncan Chapple at Analyst Equity SageCircle relaunches

Jim Zimmerman at Analyst Perspectives New AR Firm Launched – SageCircle

ARonaut at Armageddon “Carter reincarnates as a Sage

Duncan Brown at Infuse “Carter Lusher’s new gig

Jonny Bentwood at Technobabble 2.0 “links for 2007-12-14

Barbara French at Tekrati SageCircle: The Sequel

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Jeremiah Owyang interviews SageCircle’s Carter Lusher

Forrester analyst and Web Strategy blogger extraordinaire Jeremiah Owyang interviewed your humble correspondent at Buck’s of Woodside on the topic of the industry analysts and social media. Here is the video, but you should also visit the post for the commentary and comments.

 Video: Why Social Media scares the Analyst Industry (3 min with Carter Lusher)

Jeremiah is one of the few major firm analysts that cover social media that actually walks the walk by being Continue reading

So why does SageCircle list its competitors on its links list?

If you look over in the right-hand blogroll you will see a section for “AR Services Firms.”  It is true that some of these firms are directly or indirectly SageCircle’s competitors.  Admittedly, it is a bit unusual for a company to put its competitors in a prominent place on its blog.  However, it is our opinion that the market for analyst-related services is so underpenetrated that there is plenty of business for everybody. 
  Continue reading

The new SageCircle blog is under construction

Please check back later.


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