Christmas leftovers that are better than fruitcake

As a helpful public service, here some ideas for consuming any leftover 2007 budgets:
#5 – Buy one of your executives a Forrester Wholeview or Gartner Advisory seat and build an “executive buddy program” for that executive.
#4 – Buy an analyst consulting day, to be used in early January, as a strategy review session with your executives
#3 – Buy a custom-tailored, 1.5 hour
SageCircle webinar for your executives that gives them the foundation for great analyst interactions

#2 – Buy a two-hour or five-hour block of SageCircle Advisory time to review 2008 plans, get insight into maximizing an analyst consulting day, discuss how to set up an “executive buddy program” or just about anything else related to the IT analysts and AR

(for convenience, this item and the items above and below can be purchased with a credit card)
And the number one way to productively use leftover budget is…
#1 – Buy AR Effectiveness Seminar tickets to raise the effectiveness of your staff
Yes, part of this post is shamelessly pitching SageCircle services, but there is a larger message.  Most AR teams are under resourced, so not spending all available cash is a missed opportunity.  Find ways to bank those expiring assets into resources you can use in the New Year, and do it quickly before everything closes down for the holidays.
Oh, did I mention that you can conveniently buy many SageCircle services via credit card to ensure you get them into this year’s purchases?




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