Q4 2007 Forrester Research Earnings Conference Call on February 6th

logo-forrester.gifThis call starts at 11 am US Eastern Time (listen via webcast, link found on Forrester’s IR page).  This will be a similar situation as the Gartner earnings call as I’ll be Twittering live commentary and looking for the same types of insights that will be useful for AR and research consumers. 

In addition, Forrester also announced its participation in a investor conference:

    Sidoti & Company, LLC Emerging Growth Institutional Investor Forum
    Tuesday, January 22, 2008 2:05 pm ET 
    (listen via webcast, link found on Forrester’s IR page)

Listening to investor conferences can generate interesting insights because the audience member are not always as familiar with the analyst industry so different sorts of questions are asked.

 BTW, I also suggest that vendors that are public companies alert their IT industry analysts to listen in when their executives speak at investor conferences (see Invite your IT analysts to listen to investor conferences).