Jeremiah Owyang interviews SageCircle’s Carter Lusher

Forrester analyst and Web Strategy blogger extraordinaire Jeremiah Owyang interviewed your humble correspondent at Buck’s of Woodside on the topic of the industry analysts and social media. Here is the video, but you should also visit the post for the commentary and comments.

 Video: Why Social Media scares the Analyst Industry (3 min with Carter Lusher)

Jeremiah is one of the few major firm analysts that cover social media that actually walks the walk by being a heavy user of social media – which is why Forrester hired him and permits him to maintain his own brand. For instance, his Twitter stream has nearly 3,000 followers and he Tweets constantly, sometimes using Twitter as a research tool.

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Bottom Line: Jeremiah Owyang is one of the top analysts covering the explosion of social media. It is well worth setting checking out his blog, Twitter feed and Forrester research to stay in touch with Jeremiah’s commentary.


Question: Are there other analysts who regularly cover social media, besides Forrester’s Charlene Li, Peter Kim and Josh Bernoff, that are walking the walk when it comes to using social media?


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  1. […] Now to answer a question I’ve just received from the CMO of an analyst firm: “Does your celebrity status now get you a better table at Buck’s?” If you are visiting SageCircle after reading the on-line story you missed the photo of me in Buck’s of Woodside that was in the print edition. Buck’s is a favorite haunt of VCs and Silicon Valley digerati. Well, I can hope for a better table, but having major publications use Buck’s as a backdrop is old hat for Jamis so I doubt it. If you have never visited Buck’s you can see it in the short video at Jeremiah Owyang interviews SageCircle’s Carter Lusher. […]

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