Gartner grows 12% in 2007 — SageCircle will be microblogging during earnings announcement

logo-gartner.gifCarter will be on Twitter (“follow” me at giving a running commentary. Even if you cannot follow live, you can see the complete commentary by clicking on my profile afterwards. The comments will be focused on the interests of members of the IT analyst ecosystem (e.g., AR managers and enterprise IT clients) not investors.

The earnings call starts at 10 am US Eastern Time (listen via webcast, link found on Gartner’s IR page). Read the press release here.

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  1. Interesting – only IDC seems to have nose-dived in 2007, with all the other big analyst firms doing well. why do you think that is?

  2. I wish more firms were public so we would have more data. Oh well.

    Probably a few factors:

    – Straight up price increases

    – Transitioning clients to role-based services, which have a higher price tag than WholeView and Core Research

    – More bag-carrying sales reps selling into enterprises, which offsets losses in vendor client base due to market consolidation

    – More events

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