ARchitect3 users — SageCircle announces an AR Effectiveness Seminar especially for you

seminar.jpgSageCircle is pleased to announce that we will be conducting a special version of our AR Effectiveness Seminar for ARchitectTM users on May 5th – 6th in Cupertino, CA.

SageCircle strategists Dave Eckert and Carter Lusher deployed and managed one of the largest implementations of ARchitect while members of the HP Corporate AR team. We were daily and heavy users of this analyst relationship management (ARM, see You need a strong ARM to help you lift your AR program) tool and found ways to incorporate the use of ARchitect in conjunction with the AR best practices developed by SageCircle. We found ARchitect to be a powerful tool to increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

In this special version of the SageCircle AR Effectiveness Seminar, we will be including tips and tricks about how to use ARchitect to carry out the AR best practices we discuss. I want to be clear that this will not be an ARchitect training session. Rather, the emphasis will still be on taking your AR skills to the next level but with the added layer of information about how to use the ARM application to carry out a best practice or technique

This seminar will be useful for prospective ARM users as well as current ARchitect customers. Attending the AR Effectiveness Seminar for ARchitect users will give you valuable insights into the practical aspects of ARMs before you actually purchase a contract.

The goal of SageCircle’s AR Effectiveness Seminar is to teach attendees how to use powerful analyst relations best practices to leverage the analysts’ unique position in the technology marketplace to shape market perception and drive sales.

“SageCircle is a client-focused organization that has the most advanced perspective on AR that you will find. However, they are deeply rooted in what is practical because of their background as AR practitioners who actually had to deliver to demanding bosses. SageCircle has the portfolio of services and knowledge to help you take your program to the next level.” 
        Peggy O’Neill, VP of Analyst Relations, Oracle

For more information, including the seminar agenda, and to register using credit card please visit  We also encourage you to call Carter (650-274-8309) or Dave (503-227-8927) with any questions.

ARchitect is a trademark of ARInsights. SageCircle is not affiliated with ARInsights, LLC.

Looking forward to seeing you at the seminar.