SageCircle announces the Analyst Relations Wiki, a tool to help AR teams be more efficient and effective

icon-social-media-blue.jpg[May 20, 2008] Silicon Valley. SageCircle announces that the firm is launching a wiki (an on-line encyclopedia) covering topics of interest for the analyst relations (AR) professional. The goal of the SageCircle Analyst Relations Wiki is to make AR professionals more effective and efficient by making new and classic SageContentTM and SageToolsTM available in an easy-to-use form. SageCircle AR Wiki clients will be able to take advantage of the easy-to-use interface to access the content through a number of navigation techniques and download templates quickly.

SageCircle co-founder Dave Eckert is the editor of the SageCircle AR Wiki. Dave will be leading the effort to translate SageCircle’s AR industry leading repository of content into a searchable and hyperlinked resource. According to Dave “There is a huge library of AR best practices and tools that frankly is not available to AR professionals because it is locked into PDFs or as files that are hard to search. Much of the content is in the form of individual SageNotesTM that were never designed to be linked and clients find it frustrating to find all the content related to a topic. One of our big jobs with the SageCircle AR Wiki is to organize the content so that all related content can be read in a linear fashion like a book, accessed by a topical hierarchy, surfed using hyperlinks or just searched by specific words. Needless to say, the volume of intellectual property available makes this an interesting challenge.”

Discussing one of the options, an innovative approach to content navigation, Eckert explained that “Based on the concepts of Strategic Initiatives, Operational Foundations, and AR Team Knowledge there are a series of questions that lead you toward the concept areas and then you can drill into deeper links and explore cross links.  This makes it easy to find actionable information, templates, and checklists.”

The SageCircle AR Wiki, the first such resource in the IT industry analyst ecosystem, continues SageCircle’s embrace of social media tools. Already SageCircle has a blog focused on the analyst ecosystem with nearly 200 articles and uses other social media like micro-blogging and social networks as research tools. Over the course of 2008, SageCircle will be launching additional social media-based research delivery options such as podcasts and vodcasts. The SageCircle Blog will evolve from a best practices publishing platform to a more commentary-based destination for all members of the analyst ecosystem.

The source content for the SageCircle Wiki includes new research (e.g., SageCircle Fog of Influence and discussions on the implications of social media on AR and the analysts) published on the SageCircle Blog as well as classic SageCircle content. While some material like SageNotes is already available to Advisory clients, there is a significant body of information that has never previously been published. According to SageCircle co-founder Carter Lusher “By incorporating this heretofore “hidden” material into the AR Wiki we are unlocking significant value for our clients. While many of these concepts, best practices and tools are “evergreen,” we are still investing significant effort into refreshing and extending the classic content.”

The SageCircle Analyst Relations Wiki will be available starting July 1, 2008.

Client access will be through 12-month subscriptions of $395 per person. Annual Advisory Service clients will have 20 seats bundled with their contracts. There is a special charter client price of $295 now until August 1, 2008.

Additional information about the AR Wiki and all SageCircle products and services can be found at

Reporters can call Carter Lusher at 650-274-8309 for more information and a demo of the SageCircle AR Wiki.

About SageCircle

SageCircle focuses on all elements of the industry analyst ecosystem in order to improve the interactions of all members of the analyst community – from AR professionals to corporate IT managers to the press and others — with the analysts and each other. With a portfolio of traditional (e.g., training, published research and ad hoc advisory access to strategists) and leading edge (e.g., blog, wiki and Twitter) research delivery options, SageCircle offers clients an unparallel set of choices for obtaining the insights and best practices they need to be more effective and efficient.


  1. I’m curious as to how much you looked into simply doing a full index of the PDFs or using some of the new 3rd party search tools designed to run against PDFs. I’m wondering whether the Adobe features or the 3rd party web tools work as well as advertised.

    I’ve had good luck with Google on PDF and tables-based content.

  2. I love the idea of a wiki: it allows the Sage team and their clients to update the content on on-going basis.

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