The SageCircle post you have been waiting to see

I’m sure this is an announcement that all of our faithful readers have been eagerly waiting to see. [drum roll please] We are pleased to announce that we have updated our brochures and services pages. Excited? Oh, you have not exactly been sitting on the edge of seats waiting for this? Oh, well.

Seriously, the tabs and pages (1/ Advisory, 2/ AR Wiki, 3/ Training, 4/ AR-Sales Partnership) that contain background information on SageCircle services are some of the most visited pages on the blog. This is just a heads up that we have refreshed the text and added new brochures to these pages.

If you have any questions about SageCircle and how we help clients improve the effectiveness of the analyst interactions, please give us a call at 650-274-8309 or send an e-mail to carter [at]