Teradata’s Katherine Knowles talks about her broader focus on third party influencers

TeradataOne of the sharpest thinkers about analyst relations (AR) is Katherine Knowles, long time AR honcho for Teradata. When Teradata was spun off from NCR last fall, Katherine got an interesting new title: Director of Third-Party Influencers. One of the intriguing aspects of this change is how Katherine includes academics into the mix of influencers.

In the seven-minute podcast Third Party Influencers-Analysts, Academics and Consultants, Katherine explains why Teradata combined analysts, academics and consultants into one group. Katherine also describes and provides examples of the resultant synergies.

You can download the podcast from iTunes or stream it from the podcast page.

This move by Teradata is similar to what SAP did when it morphed its AR program into “Influencer Relations.” Don Bulmer, SAP’s VP of Influencer Relations, has an interesting blog called Everyday Influence.

Bottom Line: AR executives and professionals need to think about how influence is evolving (see SageCircle’s Fog of Influence) within their markets. While in some markets, AR can focus on its traditional constituencies and remain relevant, in other markets AR will need to adapt to changes in the influence landscape. Even if you are swamped with today’s day-to-day activities, it is important for AR professionals to start this analysis both to keep their teams relevant and for career management.

Question: How do you think influence is evolving in the markets of current employer?

SageCircle can help you jumpstart your thinking with our free “AR Briefing: AR Trends and the Changing Analyst Landscape” (click to download the PDF). The briefing can fit into your regular AR team call or be used with your executives to kick off a project to evaluate the evolving influencer landscape. To arrange a free AR trends briefing, please contact Carter at 650-274-8309 or carter [at] sagecircle.com.