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    KPMG pushes out 451 in 2017 Strategy Analyst Firm Awards

    KPMG pushes out 451 in 2017 Strategy Analyst Firm Awards

    For the strategic heavy lifting, executives are reaching out to a very wide range of advisors. Gartner heads up the list when we look at the Analyst Value Survey data to find the analyst firms most valued by people who work on strategy. It creates almost 19% of all the value being produced by analyst services around strategy (If CEB, […]

    Save the date for our Analyst Firm Awards

    Save the date for our Analyst Firm Awards

    This year we’re publishing our analyst firm awards more or less monthly. Please put the dates in your diary. If you’re a subscriber to the Analyst Firm Awards, you can also access a webinar for each of these events, held on the final Thursday or each month. January – Global January 18 – Outstanding reports February 17 – Strategy March 15 – Internet […]

    IDC could flourish after IDG’s sale to Chinese consortium

    IDC could flourish after IDG’s sale to Chinese consortium

    As we predicted in our April Fool’s Joke last year, IDC has been sold as part of a Chinese-led purchase that leaves CEO Kirk Campbell at the helm. IDG Capital will take control of the IDG Ventures; China Oceanwide will control IDG and most of IDC, and an independent trustee will take control of IDC’s High Performance Computing (HPC) practice, […]

    Kea Company acquires UK analyst relations consultancy Active Influence

    Kea Company acquires UK analyst relations consultancy Active Influence

    Merger consolidates Kea Company’s position as world’s largest analyst relations consultancy January 19, 2017. London — Kea Company, the world’s largest analyst relations consultancy, today completed its acquisition of Active Influence. Founded in 2010, Active Influence has helped many of the world’s largest technology companies to gain measurable business benefit from their relationships with analyst firms. Founder Richard East has become […]

    Top ten global analysts: 2016’s outstanding research

    Top ten global analysts: 2016’s outstanding research

    2016 produced some outstanding analyst research. We’ve picked the best articles from each of the world’s ten leading analysts firms, as ranked in the 2017 Analyst Firm Awards. Together they show how diverse analysts’ most compelling content can be, including deep quantitative research into mature markets, like cellphones; pointed competitive insight into corporate changes, like Dell’s integration of EMC, and […]

UBM buys Informa who bought Datamonitor who bought Ovum who bought…

In a classic “big fish eating a smaller fish eating a smaller fish” scenario, UK-based UBM announced its plan to acquire Informa. Informa earlier acquired Datatmonitor, which had acquired Ovum and Butler. Ovum, of course, had made three rapid fire acquisitions (i.e., RHK, Summit Strategies, Orbys) of its own before Datamonitor acquired it.

These serial acquisitions are distracting to management and analysts alike so research quality and timeliness could suffer.  Also, some analysts will likely think “that’s it” and start developing a personal exit strategy. Because analysts are the core of any firm, anything that could cause them to walk could dramatically impact the relevance of the firm to your AR strategies and analyst lists. Besides the impact on analysts, this latest merger might be the last straw for sales representatives and client service personnel as well.  As a consequence, AR teams need to be proactive in ascertaining potential pitfalls and opportunities this latest industry M&A move might provide.

SageCircle Technique: Steps* to immediately take:

  • Ascertain whether any of your primary analysts might be affected
  • Schedule inquiries with key analysts to put your finger on the pulse of morale and rumors
  • Inventory your analyst contract with the affected firms to determine when they renew
  • Hold any current contract negotiations until you can develop best case/worst case scenarios
  • Evaluate any ongoing consulting engagements for potential disruptions
  • Review pending analyst consulting days to determine whether it makes sense to continue with the day
  • Identify if analysts at the firms might be good candidates for open senior strategy or marketing positions in your company and send leads to HR

* SageCircle Advisory clients: Please call 650-274-8309 if you want to discuss the implications of this latest acquisition and how to apply the suggested SageCircle Technique to your situation.

Bottom Line: While the firms and analysts appear to have weathered the prior rounds of acquisitions relatively well, AR is advised to “hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” Because the people capital of each firm can walk out the door at any time, it is best for AR to proactively plan for any actions that adversely affect your AR strategies and plans.

Question: AR Teams – Because M&A is a regular occurance in the analyst industry, do you have standard plans and checklists for when an M&A event happens?



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  1. It’s interesting that AR commentators take this as a ‘done deal’. At the moment, Informa’s not saying it will accept the bid and there appear to be other players circling – including private equity players.

    I appreciate that this doesn’t change the main thrust of what you’re saying but nonetheless…

  2. Hi David, Good point. Because I do not look at an M&A event like a financial analyst, there are some details I gloss over. That said, a protracted fight between Informa and UBM or the entrance of other potential buyers means it could get nasty leading to some valued employees — analysts, sales, client service — heading for the exits. Even if the deal collapses, there might be some employees that decide they are done with the revolving door owners and uncertainty.

  3. Reminds me of the old chesnut are working with the analyst or the firm? I realise its both, but I met one analyst last week, who said – I won’t bother with giving you my business card as we have worked together over a long period during which time I have been at three firms!

  4. […] Strategies, Orbys) before getting acquired itself by Datamonitor, which was acquired by Informa (click here for more […]

  5. […] Pyramid Research acquired by TechWeb’s Light Reading Communications Network Posted on August 28, 2008 by sagecircle Here is the latest in analyst industry merger and acquisition events. TechWeb is a division of United Business Media, which made the hostile acquisition move on Informa (owner of Datamonitor, Ovum, et cetera, see here). […]

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