An analyst has some advice for PR agencies

Redmonk’s Stephen O’Grady in Bad PR – The Bane of My Existence: Seven Suggestions for PR Workers has some practical advice for PR professionals at agencies. Here are his seven suggestions (details in the post):

  1. Analysts Are Not Press: Don’t Treat Them as if They Are
  2. Caller ID Works: Don’t Just Keep Calling, and Calling, and Calling
  3. Personalization: Don’t Address Your Notes “Dear Blogger”
  4. Press Releases: Don’t Use it as the Only Channel
  5. Snail Mail: Don’t. Please, Just Don’t
  6. Scheduling: Don’t Push the Burden On Us
  7. The Tools of the Trade Suck: Don’t Use Tools Where They’re Not Necessary 

Bottom Line: We at SageCircle completely agree with Stephen that most PR agencies do a very poor job of conducting AR and frequently cause problems. Because of the significant differences between the analysts and the press, it really irritates analysts to be treated like a reporter. This is not saying that one is better than the other, but because they are different then they should be treated differently.


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