Another top social media analyst leaves Forrester, this time Peter Kim

Well, well, Forrester loses another social media analyst inside of a week, this time Peter Kim (blog, Twitter handle). Unknown at this time whether Peter and Charlene leaving (see here) is a coincidence or the beginning of a trend.

Remember, most analyst firms have not invested in knowledge management systems so most information that analysts get in vendor briefings and other sources is stored between the ears of an analyst which means that it walks out the door every night. This often means that vendors are back at square one in terms of a firm’s knowledge and context about a vendor.  

This news is just a reminder for analyst relations professionals that they need to have a process in place for dealing with a departing analyst. Any departure of a Tier 1 analyst from your list should send you into dynamic action.

SageCircle clients can call to schedule an inquiry and get the SageContent(tim) on what to do when an analyst leaves a firm. This information is also in the SageCircle AR Wiki. 



  1. Hi, Carter.

    From where I sit (which is right next to Pete) this is a coincidence, not a trend. Pete is leaving to pursue an exciting new opportunity (you’ll have to check with him for details) and Charlene is leaving due to her family — a cliche, but in this case, very true. I am assuming their departures are not due to any body odor on my part, especially with Charlene three times zones away, but maybe I should check.

    We still retain stars like Jeremiah Owyang and Brian Haven in the US and Rebecca Jennings and Mary Beth Kemp in Europe. And we are hiring. Boy are we hiring. This is why we work as a team — so we can continue to power through bumps like this.

    The demand for our services is strong which is why we’re growing the team. And Groundswell just hit the BusinessWeek bestseller list. So look for more from us on social computing and Groundswell. Soon.

  2. Hi Josh, Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear that these two departures are not a trend and that Forrester is working to backfill the positions. Are you adding additional headcount besides replacing Charlene and Peter?

    Congrats on Groundswell hitting the BW Business Best Sellers list. Well deserved!

  3. Can’t make all our hiring plans public, but when we are done we will have done more than just replace the analysts who are leaving.

  4. Hi Carter,

    I felt it’s worth mentioning that JupiterResearch’s social media and marketing analyst team is going strong, featuring Emily Riley, David Card, Barry Parr and, in Europe, Nate Elliott. We have taken a matrix approach to the subject, so while we have dedicated coverage in our Social Marketing area, analysts across our retail, travel, financial services, media, health and other verticals work together to tap best practices for our clients.


  5. Hi David, Thanks for the comment.

    Frankly, boutique firms don’t this sort of outreach enough. JupiterResearch has a strength in this area, but it is a bit a secret to many potential clients.

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