How closely does AR, PR and Sales have to coordinate?

Here is an interesting comment (click to enlarge) that might portend a problem for technology vendors in the near future:

This reminds me of the discussions in the mid-90’s around the then nascent market category of customer relattionship management (CRM). One of the perceived benefits of CRM was that it would provide companies a single view of the customer that would make life easier for the customer and provide business value to the company. But there was also huge disagreements over who would “own” the customer: customer service, marketing or sales.

Today, people are starting to play multiple roles as customers, influencers, collaborators and so on. There might come a time when the various “R”s (analyst, blogger, consulting, customer, influencer, et cetera) in a company need to closely coordinate to ensure that folks like Brenda do not fall between the cracks or get overwhelming and contradictory support.

This is just the start of a thought process and conversation on this topic. What do you think?