Ask your customers about their use of the analysts when they are guest speakers at the annual sales kickoff

icon-dollar-euro.jpgFrequently vendors will have customers participate in their annual sales kick off meetings in a panel or interview format. These are great opportunities to ask the customers how they use the analysts. Sometimes the customer will say something that will provide sales reps – and your executives – with an “ah ha!” moment like here.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Inquire with the team putting together the agenda for the annual sales kickoff to identify customer speaking sessions
  • Talk to the sales representatives whose customers are guest speakers about the customers’ known utilization of the analysts,
  • Gather the customer’s perception of the analysts, firms used, impact on purchases, and future analyst plans if at all possible.
  • Collaborate with the person moderating the panel or interviewing the customer about adding a few simple questions about analyst usage based on the expected answers
  • Capture the customers’ remarks to use for planning, training and budget justification

Bottom Line: There is nothing that demonstrates the influence of the analysts better than having your customers describe how they use the analysts.  However, be prepared with the right questions, to get expected answers, and don’t leave things to chance. 

Question: Do you have an AR-Sales Partnership Program? Do you attend your company’s annual sales kickoff meetings?