Got a problem analyst? Screaming won’t help.

That primal scream of frustration from the throats of many AR professionals often comes as a reaction to something that a “problem analyst” has said or done. Be it the killing of a promising sales deal or an uninformed but highly visible press quote, problem analysts can wreck havoc on the AR team’s plans and standing within their own companies. How should AR professionals react when they are confronted by the wrath of an executive screaming?  What activities should a team plan to turn around negative analysts?

An approach that rarely works is for the AR manager to turnaround and scream, whether at the analyst or the analyst’s boss.  What does work is for the AR manager to step back, take a deep breath and calmly analyze the situation.

One issue that AR has is determining whether or not it even makes sense to invest any effort into turning around or countering a problem analyst. Frankly, many problem analysts are not worth the effort because they have little influence. The next issue is to determine the type of problem analyst you are confronting (e.g., pragmatist, know it all, budget vampire, well-known press hound, rock star, among others) because different types of problem analysts require different approaches.

The critical step – if the decision is to turn the analyst around – is creating a plan to address the situation. Oh, don’t forget to equip your sales force with information and tools to mitigate negative commentary in the meantime. Of course AR has to do this while your executives are breathing fire down your neck.

Announcing the SageCircle “Dealing with Problem Analysts” Webinar

Our SageCircle AR Webinar will provide you with succinct and actionable information that will help you analyze your situation and determine the best approaches for dealing with problem analysts. The agenda for the 90-minute session includes:

  • The business issues caused by problem analysts
  • Definition of a problem analyst
  • The types of problem analysts
  • Decision framework for whether to invest in turning around a problem analyst
  • Setting realistic expectations with your executives
  • Action plan for dealing with problem analysts
  • Equipping the sales force to handle prospect objections caused by problem analysts
  • Measuring progress

There will be plenty of time for your questions and comments.

The cost of this information-packed session is only $95. You can register by clicking here or visiting  BTW, the cost is per login not per person. Feel free to schedule a meeting with your colleagues in a conference room and all of you participate via a single ticket. Then afterwards you can discuss how to apply what you learned during the webinar.

We are scheduling two sessions to make it easy for you to fit the webinar into your busy schedule. The sessions will be held at:

            Wednesday, September 17th at 8:30 am PT and 4 pm PT

If you have any questions, please contact SageCircle at info [at] sagecircle do com or 650-274-8309.

The “Dealing with Problem Analysts” webinar is but one of SageCircle’s portfolio of AR training solutions. Visit the “3/ Training” Page to learn more about SageCircle’s line up of AR education offerings.

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