Yankee Group official statement – List of analysts laid off

As SageCircle receives more information about which Yankee Group analysts have been caught in this reorganization we will add them to this list.

Updated: 8/28/08 9:05 am PT – Removed Nick Spencer from list per his request. According to Mr. Spencer: “left YG some weeks ago to take a position at RIM.”

Updated: 8/27/08 6:00 pm PT – According to source, Yankee will retain only 28 analysts. According to the ARinsights’ ARchitect analyst database, Yankee had 82 analysts before this reorganization.

Updated: 8/27/08 10:57 am PT – 12 names added

Updated: 8/27/08 10:31 am PT – seven names added. Also, the overall number of layoffs is being reported at 25% of headcount, not the originally thought 10%

Updated: 8/26/08 3:14 pm PT – one name added

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Here is the official statement that Yankee Group provided SageCircle on 8/26/08:

“Yankee Group is making changes to better align the company for success. Known as the “global connectivity experts, we are uniquely focused on the evolution of Anywhere, and we chart the technology effect that Anywhere computing and “ubiquitous connectivity” has on networks, consumers and enterprises.

We’re now tightening our research focus even more to be 100% focused on Anywhere topics. As part of this re-alignment, there are some general topics that we will not be focusing on going forward, and as a result, some of our teams have been realigned as well. We regret that some of our talented colleagues will not be with us going forward. We remain committed to delivering on the high level of quality research and consulting that our clients have come to trust from the Yankee Group for nearly 40 years.”

Shirley Macbeth, VP – Marketing and Communications, Yankee Group

Tracking list of Yankee analysts laid off

  1. Andrew Jaquith
  2. Gary Chen
  3. Tony Marson,
  4. Ken Landoline
  5. Laura Didio
  6. XJ Wang
  7. Mindy Blodgett
  8. Vanessa Alvarez
  9. Anette Schaefer
  10. Ankur Tarnacha
  11. Brian Kotlyar
  12. Brian Lindsay
  13. Dario Talmesio
  14. Jen Simpson
  15. Jill Aldort
  16. Linda Barrabee
  17. Mike Goodman
  18. Marcus Torchia
  19. Nick Spencer (removed per Spencer, who “”left YG some weeks ago to take a position at RIM’)
  20. Patrick Monaghan
  21. Tatiana Stuckey


  1. Andy Jaquith
    Anette Schaefer
    Ankur Tarnacha
    Brian Kotlyar
    Brian Lindsay
    Dario Talmesio
    Gary Chen
    Jen Simpson
    Jill Aldort
    Ken Landoline
    Laura Didio
    Linda Barrabee
    Mike Goodman
    Marcus Torchia
    Mindy Blodgett
    Nick Spencer
    Patrick Monaghan
    Tatiana Stuckey
    Tony Marson
    Vanessa Alvarez
    XJ Wang

  2. Wow – that’s quite a list. Looked at in tandem with some other fairly recent departures who made the decision to leave of their own accord, this doesn’t look good for Yankee. There’s some great analysts in that list – ex-colleagues of mine who I wish all the best in whatever ventures they pursue next. It’s a real shame to see this happen to this firm.

  3. Having spent some very happy times at Yankee a few years ago, this is a sad occasion indeed. There are some great analysts and good people on that list – am sure many will get snapped up by other analyst firms. Good luck to them,


  4. There are only 28 analysts left at YG (and that includes the CRO and heads of enterprise/consumer and network research). The reduction was in the order of 40% of the research organization

  5. Thanks Carter, Peggy.

    Like Dom, my info is that only three analysts are left in Europe. It’s a radical move and it’ll be interesting to see how Yankee trys to ensure that it’s still seen as a credible player over here.

    I know some of those who are going and they’re good people. I am sure they will quickly find new homes – there is definitely a lack of good analysts in the telecoms sector. Best wishes to those affected.

  6. My husband’s name is on that list. We are in a state of shock. Is there a way to sue the company for not giving a notice? Its despicable that such intellectuals are treated with disrespect.

  7. SageCircle joins Andy, Phil and David in wishing the former Yankee analysts the best of luck.

    Angela, Unfortunately SageCircle does not have any expertise in labor law. Our suggestion is to contact a lawyer that specialized in labor law.

    If your husband is interested, both Ovum and IDC has contacted SageCircle saying they are hiring and would like to talk to current or former Yankee analysts. Have him send his contact info to info [at] sagecircle.com and we will forward it to the appropriate managers.

  8. Thank you for your response. He has just mailed his contact information to you.

    Hope things work out.

  9. How can IDC say they are hiring when they just did a significant analyst layoff of their own?????

  10. HI formerIDC, thanks for the comment.

    It is not at all unusual for a company to layoff people in one division or type of job while concurrently hiring people with different skills or in a different division.

    BTW, I do not consider the May 2008 IDC layoffs to be “significant.” The final number was about 1% of analysts, far less than the ~ 25% at Yankee.

  11. This truly is sad, sad news. I recently left Yankee Group after seeing the writing on the wall. When I started there, there was hope, and the prospects of a succesfull company. When I left, there was basically a shell of that.

    There are alot of very smart and great analysts on that list, and their layoffs do not have any direct relationship to their talent. I see analysts whom some are at the top of their fields. I see one who recently single handedly brought in a 6 figure deal. I see others that worked torelessly to make compelling technology and business issues try to fit into the clunky and awkward “anywhere story”. Good luck to ll of you.

  12. This is shocking but honestly not surprising. It’s a move precipitated by a company that has recently operated on little to no internal transparency–and in my opinion–incompetent core operations teams, disjointed leadership, and a watery mission statement. I am incredibly saddened to see the names on this list, and join the ranks here in wishing them all the best, knowing full well that many will soon find much more rewarding and fulfilling opportunities. Furthermore, I wish Emily Green all the best in how she navigates this mess.

  13. It’s sad to see such a great company slowly spiral downwards like this. Management team stubbornness around a very outdated mission statement actually weakened the company’s position in the marketplace. Client feedback was mixed at best, and internal discussions around the weak mission did little to change anyone’s views. It’s amazing that you don’t listen to your analysts, the ones that are the most client facing and that know what is resonating in the marketplace!

    This round of cuts was very deep, and it took out some very smart and extremly client focused people, which will in turn hurt client confidence. I have no doubt that those who were let go will find better jobs elsewhere and quickly. I hope Yankee Group can recover, but it will take the right buyer who is willing to invest significantly in the core research strengths, and get rid of the dead weight elsewhere in the organization, management included.

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