Are you or do you know an independent AR contractor?

SageCircle is working on our newest reference page, the AR Contractors Directory. We are looking for names and contact information for people to add to this directory.

Definition: An AR contractor is an individual who will conduct day-to-day analyst relations tasks (e.g., set up and execute analyst briefings, monitor analyst opinion) in a non-employee relationship. AR contractors could bill by the hour or project. While PR firms do this type of work, they are not included in this category. This market category is focused on independent individuals or small specialized boutiques.

Directories can be found in the Pages box at the top of the left navigation menu.

Bottom Line: If you do contact work or have contact information for AR contractors you know, please send it to “info [at]”

Question: AR managers – Why do you use – or not use – AR contractors?




  1. Linx AR plan and operate analyst relations programs toward the industry analysts community (many times around events) and manage the entire process from locating the right analysts through getting the company on the radar to gaining feedback on strategy and positioning.
    Based in Tel-Aviv Israel, Linx is strategic partner of Lighthouse AR.

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