65% of analysts think that social media can be useful for AR and analysts

icon-social-media-blue.jpgThis was another of many surprises for us from our survey of analyst about social media. That only 6% of analysts said “No” (n=257) was interesting because most of the text comments left for this question were negative. So the analysts who do not like the idea of interacting using social media really don’t like it.

Another “ah ha” was that only 17% were put off by the idea of AR including other analysts’ research or videos with analysts in the AR blogs (n=214). Also, 50% “would find it interesting to see what other analysts are saying about the vendor.” Who woulda thunk it?

We are still crunching the survey and adding the insights into our training and advisory.

Speaking of training, we had a great turnout for last week’s “Introduction to Blogging for AR” webinar, but we are already getting requests to run it again. If you are interested in this webinar let us know so can gauge the demand. Don’t forget that next week is the “Introduction to Twitter for AR” webinar.

SageCircle Technique:

  • A = Ask your top analysts about their blog reading habits
  • B = Begin to add AR blog(s) to your overall AR plan
  • C = Create AR blogging policy
  • D = Develop a portfolio of contributors that include executives and domain experts
  • E = Educate contributors about blogging policies and best practices
  • F = Forward to Sales and executives the “Ah, ha!”s you harvest from AR blogging, such as analyst comments

Bottom Line: While any particular analyst might not be reading AR blogs, the overall trend is for readership of interesting and useful blogs. AR can improve its efficiency and effectiveness by making blogging a part of the overall AR communications toolbox. The greatest advantage will go to first movers and fast follower adopters of blogging who will gain analyst mindshare before there are many AR blogs cluttering the landscape.

Question: AR – What is stopping you from blogging? Analysts – What are the topics that you think AR should focus on and which topics should be avoided?


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