Earnings calls are scheduled – Forrester on October 29th and Gartner on October 30th

logo-forrester.gifForrester is on October 29th at 11 am ET. Gartner is on October 30th at 10 am ET. Both earnings calls are webcasts that you can find on each firm’s investor relations webpage.

logo-gartner.gifI don’t listen to the Gartner and Forrester earnings calls with the same mindset as a financial analyst. What I listen for are clues to how the two publicly traded analyst firms are evolving their business models and research methodologies that might impact their clients, end user or vendor, especially when it comes to contract negotiations. I also listen to gather intelligence about their end-user client bases, which provides input into determining how their influence might be changing, which can be very useful for analyst relations teams. We will publishing summaries and analysis after each call is completed.


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  1. Just found out through the grapevine that Forrester is giving 40% discounts on all services, must be doing a lot worse then leading to believe.

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