Give analysts time to think toward the end of an analyst consulting (SAS) day

A nifty idea we picked up from one of the participants at an AR Effectiveness seminar is to build private thinking time toward the end of an analyst consulting day (AKA “SAS day” using the Gartner term). This gives the analyst(s) an opportunity to reflect on everything they have heard in order to provide vendor participants with a crisp analysis on the topic at hand before they leave for the day.

Another benefit of building this time into the agenda is that it improves retention of the information the analyst was exposed to during the day. 

SageCircle Technique:

  • Include private thinking time into the agenda of an analyst consulting day. 30 minutes should be sufficient – this is in addition to some email phone time
  • This agenda item should be the third item from the end of the day followed by analyst presentation of impressions and discussion. The last item would be the wrap up
  • Suggested: Give the analyst specific points to think about and report on
  • Inform the analyst about this agenda item in advance so they ensure they are taking appropriate notes throughout the day

Bottom Line: Analyst consulting days can be valuable exercises. However, because they can often feel like “drinking from the fire hose, the opportunity for the analyst to provide formal impressions can be lost. By building into the agenda some private reflection time and a presentation of findings, vendors can ensure that they get important insights from the analyst.

Question: What tips do you have to ensure the success of an analyst consulting day?

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  1. Hi Carter,

    I would add something after this reflexion time: a feedback session, where the analyst provide recommendations and since we’re paying for SAS days, I would also suggest to always ask for a written deliverable (feedback and recommendations).

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