AR’s evolution from a cost center to something more akin to a strategic profit center

icon-dollar-euro.jpgIn the past few months, SageCircle has seen increased interest in how AR can support sales and set up an effective measurement program that focuses on outcomes (e.g., impact on revenues) rather than activities (e.g., number of briefings in a month). The convergence of interest in measurement and in supporting sales makes sense given that AR programs that have accomplished their first strategic AR objective – “Shape Market Perception to Generate Leads” – are now focusing on “Arming Sales to Close Business.”  Supporting sales and tracking analyst revenue impact is the process that elevates AR from a cost center to something approaching a profit center.

How can AR best support sales in a practical fashion given constrained resources and also measure its impact on the company’s revenues? While there are no easy answers to these questions, SageCircle’s AR-Sales Partnership best practices have the information and tools needed to plan and execute a program that enhances AR’s ability to support sales and generate revenue-impact metrics.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Review your current metrics program to determine whether they are more activity based or outcomes based
  • Launch an AR-Sales Partnership program with one goal being the capture of analyst/AR revenue impact data

Bottom Line: The increased interest in AR sales support and top-line results measurement represents an important evolution for AR practitioners.  AR’s drive to attain a strategic goal (revenues) and willingness to assume accountability for meeting metrics looks beyond mere counting of research and quote mentions.  AR is working to become a critical company resource-a tool for driving sales.

Question: What metrics do you use about AR performance? Do they include impact on sales? If so, how do you capture the sales deals influenced by industry analysts?

Are you intrigued by the idea of a strategic and practical AR-Sales Partnership program? SageCircle can help. Our strategists can:

Assist AR and sales teams develop an effective and practical AR-Sales Partnership program

Conduct targeted and succinct training for sales teams that provides only the critical skills and knowledge needed – not “nice to know” info that is not relevant to busy sales reps

Act as a “life line” when on-demand advice is needed on a critical sales deal that is being negatively impacted

Leveraging our research and experience as AR managers working with sales, we have a library of content, training and services that help vendor sales teams use positive commentary or mitigate negative commentary

To learn more contact us at info [at] sagecircle dot com or 650-274-8309.


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  1. I am in the process of a sales AR partnership program – and have already delivered some good AR sales webcasts internally to my sales teams – some sales folks “get it “and some do not. What recommendations do you have along this text you wrote in the blog……Conduct targeted and succinct training for sales teams that provides only the critical skills and knowledge needed – not “nice to know” info that is not relevant to busy sales reps

  2. […] BTW, you do have formal AR-Sales Partnership Program in place, don’t you? If not, please give SageCircle a call at 503-636-1500 to learn how our portfolio of training, advice, tools and reference material can help you set up an AR-Sales Partnership Program that will help transform AR from a cost center to a profit center. […]

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