Industry Analysts: Too conservative for their own good?

icon-phone-headset.jpgCatching up on my analyst blog reading this morning and came across this gem from Vinnie Mirchandani in his Deal Architect blog.

In Industry Analysts: Too conservative for their own good?, Vinnie makes the point that analysts are not as tough in their written research as they are in conversation. Why? Vinnie says:

If they say negative stuff, vendors typically lobby, coerce and worse. Here’s the reality – the biggest customers of every industry analyst firm are vendors. Even the so-called buyer centric firms like Gartner and Forrester.

Vinnie’s advise is to talk with the analysts and ignore the published research.

Frankly there is no need to ignore the written research, but we agree 100% that analyst clients – end users or vendors – absolutely must supplement the published research with inquiry. To learn more about using inquiry, click on best practices for client inquiry execution.