SageCircle featured in Public Relations Tactics magazine

PR Tactics MagazineSageCircle was the featured expert in Are You Ready? Socializing Analyst Relations by Ryan Zuk published this week’ “Public Relations Tactics,” a publication of the PRSA. 

This is a good article with quotes from Gartner’s Scott Nelson and former Forrester analysts Charlene Li as well.

To read more about how social media is impacting the analysts and AR please check out this blog’s social media category, which will link you to more than 50 posts.

Bottom Line: Social media is starting to edge into mainstream usage as a communications tool to use with influencers. While not relevant for the entire analyst community, AR teams should start experimenting with social media today to ensure you are ready to exploit it to the fullest potential when appropriate.

Question: Have you incorporated social media in your AR toolbox yet, even at the experimental level? If not, why not?

SageCircle has a full lineup of advice and best practices in the Online SageContentTM Library as well as training available to help AR teams get up-to-speed on the fast changing social media and AR landscape. Give us a call to learn more how we can help you.