When calculating impact sales impact, remember analysts impact multiple vendors on the same deal

AR Metrics & MeasurementThere are many examples of analyst impact on specific sales opportunities. It is important to note that most examples show the impact on only two vendors: the focus of the example and their competitor in the deal.  The example usually demonstrates a vendor that lost a deal through negative analyst commentary as contrasted to the vendor that benefited from that commentary. 

This is an important point that is easily overlooked. Analyst relations (AR) teams that are gathering sales impact data should also consider gathering information about how analyst commentary impacted other vendors on the same deal. If vendor A was eliminated from a short list because of negative commentary, does that necessarily mean that the commentary was positive about one or more competing vendors on the same short list? Understanding how analyst commentary and advice impacts all the vendors in a sales deal can provide valuable “Ah Ha!”s that AR teams can pass on to their sales colleagues.

SageCircle Technique:

  • AR should broaden its analysis of how analysts impact sales deals to include impact on competitors
  • AR should incorporate its broader insights into its communications with sales management and sales representatives

Bottom Line: By developing a broader and deeper understanding of how analysts impact all the vendors on a short list, AR can develop valuable actionable advice of sales colleagues. This advice can then permit sales to have a competitive advantage in future sales cycles of a similar nature.

Question: When gathering sales impact data, do you focus on only the impact on your company or do you consider the impact on competitors?