Announcing the SageCircle Webinar “AR in a Recession – Refocusing Priorities and Activities”

Analyst Relations (AR) programs often get caught in the downdraft of a recession experiencing budget cuts, headcount freezes or reductions, and less analyst interaction support from executives and domain experts. If AR is to avoid being the target of budget and headcount cuts is it critical to ensure that it is aligned with corporate priorities and is demonstrating positive economic contributions. While this seems obvious, too many AR programs are so caught up in reactive mode or simply doing normal day-to-day tasks that they don’t see the danger forming. As a consequence, these programs have a greater likelihood of getting cut than those AR managers and teams that proactively or preemptively move to change their focus. 

When AR programs are considering what has to change during a recession they often focus only on cutting spending. However, this is not enough. AR professionals should remember to both work as well as spend differently. Only doing one is not enough.

In this SageCircle Webinar (see agenda below), our strategists – who have experienced recessions both as AR professionals and as a top Gartner analyst – will provide succinct and practical advice on how AR programs need to work and spend differently in this recession. Participants will come out of the webinar with best practices and tools that will help them survive the current recession and thus provide their employers with a competitive advantage by continuing to influence the industry analysts. Key issues that will be addressed include:

  • How should AR conduct a zero-based rethink of its priorities and activities?
  • What is the impact of the recession on the AR measurement and reporting program?
  • Does the recession change the priority given to an AR-Sales partnership program?
  • What AR spending cuts should be considered and how will analyst contract reductions impact relationships?
  • Should AR shamelessly market its contributions to its executive sponsors?

There will be plenty of time for your observations and questions. See below for the agenda

The cost of this information-packed session is only $95. You can register by clicking here or visiting  In addition, the cost is per login not per person. Feel free to schedule a meeting with your colleagues in a conference room and have all of you participate via a single ticket. Then afterwards you can discuss how to apply what you learned during the webinar.

We are scheduling two sessions to make it easy for you to fit the webinar into your busy schedule. The sessions will be held:

Thursday, January 22nd at 8:30 am PT and 4 pm PT. Each session is 90 minutes.

If you have any questions or wish to arrange a private webinar for just your company, please contact SageCircle at 503-636-1500 or info [at] sagecircle dot com.

Looking forward to your participation in the webinar.


  • Introduction: Are recessions a threat or opportunity for AR?
    • Why it is a really bad idea to cut AR, even in a recession
    • Budget cutting can help AR focus and innovate
  • Refocusing priorities and activities
    • Getting alignment with changing corporate and business unit objectives
    • Revisiting analyst lists and service level agreements
    • Supporting Sales to improve AR’s economic impact
  • Refocusing information given to analysts
    • Focusing on customer success stories
    • Emphasizing fast business results
  • Refocusing measurement and reporting program
    • Emphasizing outcomes not activities
    • Telling stories of AR delivering business value to the company
  • Refocusing AR spending
    • Re-considering analyst contract priorities
    • Alternate solutions for analyst contracts
    • Communicating with analysts about decreased spending
    • Determining what out-tasked activities to bring in-house, if any
  • Wrap up