Are you wasting time on the wrong analysts? Announcing “Ranking and Tiering,” a SageCircle webinar

seminar.jpgOne of the biggest ongoing mistakes that AR professionals make is not using a rigorous methodology for managing their analyst lists. This often leads to too many analysts on their lists and too many analysts designated as “Tier 1.” This state of affairs leads to inefficiency and ineffectiveness as AR teams are spread too thin to effectively influence the most relevant analysts. Another problem is a list that is missing relevant analysts, which can lead to uninformed analysts negatively impacting your sales cycles. While bad enough in good economic times this mistake can be fatal in recessions when all corporate functions are being scrutinized for efficiency as well as contribution to revenues and corporate/business unit objectives. The quality of your analyst list brings up a number of key issues for AR:

  • Do you have a formal analyst list management process that can withstand executive scrutiny?
  • Are your list management processes efficient enough to permit quick changes to reflect the changing company priorities or upheavals in the analyst community like layoffs?
  • Do you have the content to educate your stakeholders about how analyst lists are managed and the importance of prioritizing the analysts?
  • Are you prepared for the analysts to “go around” you and interact directly with your executives to get their “tier” upgraded?
  • Do you have the tools to efficiently manage and share your lists?

To help out AR professionals and teams take a strategic approach to creating and maintaining analyst lists, SageCircle is announcing a new public webinar focused on the methodology for creating an airtight analyst list.

In this SageCircle AR Webinar, we will provide you with succinct and actionable information that will help you develop a solid and efficient analyst list management process. The agenda for the 90-minute session includes:

  1. What is the business value of having a formal analyst list management process?
  2. Defining ranking and tiering
  3. Defining the service level framework
  4. Identifying types of analyst lists
  5. Developing the ranking criteria and associate weights
  6. Picking the right tools for list management, e.g., spreadsheets or AR management applications
  7. Deciding which analysts are included or excluded from consideration
  8. Completing your ranking
  9. Setting tiers relative to resources
  10. Updating your analyst lists
  11. Educating stakeholders and get their buy-in
  12. Saying “no” – diplomatically – to an analyst

There will be plenty of time for your observations and questions.

The cost of this information-packed session is only $95. You can register by clicking here or visiting  In addition, the cost is per login not per person. Feel free to schedule a meeting with your colleagues in a conference room and have all of you participate via a single ticket. Then afterwards you can discuss how to apply what you learned during the webinar.

We are scheduling two sessions to make it easy for you to fit the webinar into your busy schedule. The sessions will be held:

            Tuesday, February 17th at 8:00 am US Pacific Time

            Thursday, February 26th at 10:00 am US Pacific Time

If you have any questions about the webinar or wish to arrange a private session for your company, please call SageCircle at 503-636-1500 or send an email to “info [at]”



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