The 451 Group experiences layoffs

logo-the451SageCircle has received credible intelligence that The 451 Group initiated a job action resulting in analyst layoffs. We will continue to provide updates as we learn new information.

  • Update – 1/31/09 12:15 pm – Initial post

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There are no confirmed names at this time.


  1. In-Stat laid off 9 analysts on Feb. 2nd. While a small firm, it joins the many who have seen syndicated revenues fall and client budgets cut.

  2. 451 fired about 10 people, little more than 10%. includes analysts, events and research assistants.

  3. OK, a friend of mine compared the 451’s “our team” page and its Google-cached version, and found out a few of the people let go: among them analysts Greg Quick and Nass Gilad, VP sales Lisa Staufer and apparently someone moved Nick Selby from the top “management” box to the “analysts” box below, which might mean he is no longer in management, or this could be a mistake, as his name is still there.


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