Big 2 social media expands – 15 new Gartner blogs, 3 new Forrester podcasts

icon-social-media-blue.jpgThere has been significant activity on the social media front over the last few weeks that you might want to examine for relevance, either as an end-user client of the analysts or a vendor AR team. 

Gartner has moved to phase 2 of its expanded use of blogging that was started last October. Last week it added 15 bloggers to (see Gartner Blog Network Directory for links). So far, five have posted, marked below with *, and we expect the rest will likely get their first posts up in the next week or so.

  • Baker, Van
  • Blechar, Michael
  • Cappuccio, David *
  • Global Posts
  • Lheureux, Benoit
  • MacDonald, Neil *
  • Morello, Diane
  • Natis, Yefim
  • Nelson, Scott *
  • Norton, David
  • Pezzini, Massimo
  • Reynolds, Martin
  • Rishel, Wes *
  • Rizzuto, John
  • Rozwell, Carol
  • Witty, Roberta *

Forrester has launched three role-based podcasts to complement its 16 role-based blogs. As of this SageInsight, it looks like the podcasts can only be found on iTunes with no download links on the Forrester website.

  • Forrester Fundamentals
  • Forrester Information & Knowledge Management
  • Forrester IT Infrastructure & Operations

While the percentage of analysts using blogs, Twitter, and so on is still relatively small, it could effectively reach 100% of your critical analysts if they start using social media. It is important to be ahead of the curve so that you are prepared when one of your executives quizzes you about analysts and social media.



  1. Hi Carter – good post! You and I spent some of last week doing the same thing I think, and I also posted about my own upgraded index.

    Folk might like to see the notes in ITasITis, and take a look on (if you don’t mind a bit of cross-advertising). You should get a pingback from today’s posting.

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