An analyst can go from skeptic about social media to fan overnight

icon-social-media-blue.jpghen it comes to social media usage by analysts, nothing is set in stone. For instance, Carter was having a conversation with an analyst from one of the “Big Three” firms who said:

“I do not have a blog and I refuse to sign up for Twitter.  However, I do read every blog by the vendors that I cover.” 

At the time that quote was said, it provided some interesting insights into this analyst’s attitude toward social media. However, within months, this analyst who was so adamant that he would not use Twitter or have a blog, was tweeting and had TWO blogs: one for his firm and one under his personal brand. Moral of the story is that analyst relations (AR) cannot assume that an analyst’s position on social media, no matter how vehemently stated, is permanent. Of course, an analyst that was a heavy user of social media could stop using it as well.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Check SageCircle’s various analyst social media directories periodically for your top analysts
  • Ask your analysts who are not using social media if they have changed their minds. This can be done during briefings, inquiries or any other interaction
  • Mention to analysts just starting to use social media that you found a particular tweet or blog post useful or interesting

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Bottom Line: AR needs to keep on top of their most relevant analysts’ usage of social media because their opinions can change quite quickly. AR can score relationship points with their analysts by being early followers of their tweets and blog postings.

Question: AR – Do you have examples of your analysts who scoffed at social media who are now using some form of it?

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  1. Carter, if you’ll forgive a little advertising – InformationSpan posts an index to Gartner’s blogs which is available either by analyst name or by topic, neither of these indexes being available from Gartner directly. We also index Forrester’s blogs and a few from other insight providers. It’s not intended to be a complete index to the analyst blogosphere, and there’s no analysis. But it takes some of the work out of finding the right blog. SageCircle readers – click Carter’s link to us in the right hand column!

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