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    Fersht: some IIAR award-winners “just tick the boxes”

    Fersht: some IIAR award-winners “just tick the boxes”

    Some of the firms mentioned by the IIAR’s analyst team awards fall short of excellence. That’s the verdict of several hundred analysts who took our Analyst Attitude Survey, and of the CEO of one of the top analyst firms. Phil Fersht left the comment below on our criticism of the IIAR awards. We thought we’d reprint it together with the […]

    Do the IIAR awards simply reward large firms?

    Do the IIAR awards simply reward large firms?

    The 2016 Institute for Industry Analyst Relations’ awards seem to be rewarding firms for the scale of their analyst relations, rather than their quality. In a blog post on July 6th, the IIAR awarded IBM the status of best analyst relations teams, with Cisco, Dell and HP as runners-up. Together with Microsoft, which outsources much of its analyst relations to […]

    Unmaking fruit salad: 6 ways to help analysts segment markets

    Unmaking fruit salad: 6 ways to help analysts segment markets

     It’s a common challenge for providers: some new or fast-changing market contains very different solutions. Clients want either apples or oranges, but the analyst research reads more like fruit salad. As new solutions come into old markets, or as analysts try to squeeze hot new solutions into their less-exciting coverage areas, it’s increasingly hard for users of analyst research to make […]

    Control in Analyst Attitude Surveys

    Control in Analyst Attitude Surveys

    Because a lot of analysts take part in our Analyst Attitude Surveys, we are able to offer clients what we call a control group. In the language of research, a control group is a group of people who don’t get the treatment that we want to measure the effectiveness of. For example, most firms might be focussed on a top tier […]

    Time for a new direction in AR measurement?

    Time for a new direction in AR measurement?

    Worldwide, Analyst Relations teams are committed to fostering the best information exchange, experiences and trusted relationships with tightly-targetted global industry analysts and influencers. Sometimes the targeting is too narrow and analysts are treated inhumanly. However, the technology buying process is transforming and so must the benchmarking of analyst relationships. There’s already a long-term transformation of analyst relations. Over one-third of technology […]

IT Analyst Reports is less than it seems

Logo - IT Analyst ReportsThe following showed up in one of my Google alerts

Complete, free analyst reports – Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester …
By admin
If you’ve ever tried to track down a report from an IT analyst, you’ll understand why ITanalystreports.com is quickly becoming the de-facto standard for finding…
IT Analyst Reports – http://itanalystreports.com/

Well, at first glance IT Analyst Reports certainly seems useful. Alas, at least at the current stage, this website is less useful than a Google search.

IT Analyst Reports - drill down page 14 May 09 at 2-40 pm PT - croppedt appears that the website for IT Analyst Reports does not actually have analyst reports (e.g., Gartner Magic Quadrant or Forrester Wave) available for free download. Rather, it appears it simply scrapes newswires and PRwires for press releases by vendors on their placement on a report. The visitor to ITAnalystReports.com then needs to click on the link to the press release in order to click to the vendor’s webpage where the vendor has hosted the report. If the vendor has not actually purchased reprint rights then the report is not available so clicking to a press release can be a waste of time. In addition, some of IT Analyst Reports scraped “articles” are actually just summaries with no links to the actual press release or vendor website. Click on graphic on the right to see an example.

Rather than go to IT Analyst Reports, people wanting free research are should do a Google search. For example, IT Analyst Reports has an article “Endpoint protection: McAfee in leaders quadrant (CIOL)” with absolutely no links or anything useful. On the other hand, a simple Google search of

    “magic quadrant” “Endpoint Protection Platforms”

not only brought up a way to get the current report for free, but the 2007 version of the MQ as well. Very useful because now I can see what has changed between the 2007 and 2009 versions.

However, the advice you get for free is often only worth what you paid for it. It is very important that technology buyers do not simply rely on an analyst report, free or purchased. This is because valuable context is often missing from short research notes. To learn more see IT managers, it’s never, ever only about the upper right dot when it comes to Forrester Waves or Gartner Magic Quadrants.

SageCircle Technique:

  • If you are looking for “complete, free analyst reports” then Google search is you best choice
  • Reports should always be read in context, which may not be available with the reports you find for free

Bottom Line: Gartner’s Magic Quadrants and Forrester’s Waves are the most widely available research reprints. It is easy to find almost any MQ or Wave through a simple Google search.

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  1. … or look at Malcolm Ramsay’s customised Google search at http://www.alltheanalysts.com/ which had a few problems recently but is now back online.

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