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    Why KCG’s analyst relations awards beat the IIAR’s

    Why KCG’s analyst relations awards beat the IIAR’s

    We used 18,777 data points from the Analyst Attitude Survey to compare the two leading awards for analyst relations teams. Although we found that KCG‘s awards are more useful than the IIAR‘s, both primarily reflect corporate performance rather than that of the AR teams. As a result, there’s very little that AR teams can do better or worse in these […]

    Netscout continues unwise Gartner suit

    Netscout continues unwise Gartner suit

    Netscout and Gartner have scheduled their trial for next July. The case stands little chance of improving Netscout’s value. It does, however, risk harming the reputation of both analyst firms and analyst relations professionals. Over the last weeks, pressure has mounted on Netscout’s lawyers. Netscout claims Gartner’s Magic Quadrant harmed its enterprise sales and that the truth of Gartner’s statements […]

    Is this how the Quadrant lost its Magic?

    Is this how the Quadrant lost its Magic?

    Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is the most influential non-financial business research document. In the late 1980s, it was a quick and dirty stalking horse to provoke discussions. Today it is an extensive and yet highly limited process, based on the quantification of opinions which are highly qualitative. The early evolution of the MQ tells us a lot about the challenge of industry […]

    Saying farewell to David Bradshaw

    Saying farewell to David Bradshaw

    A funeral and celebration for David Bradshaw (shown left in this 2000 Ovum awayday photo, arm raised, with me and other colleagues) is to take place at West Norwood Crematorium, London SE27 at 2.45pm on Tuesday 23rd August and after at the Amba Hotel above London’s Charing Cross Station, on the Strand. David considered that that Ovum in that incarnation was […]

    David Bradshaw 1953-2016

    David Bradshaw 1953-2016

    David Bradshaw, one of the colleagues I worked with during my time as an analyst at Ovum, died on August 11. He led Cloud research in Europe for IDC, whose statement is below. David played a unique role at Ovum, bridging its telecoms and IT groups in the late 1990s by looking at computer-telecoms integration areas like CRM, which I […]

Listing of analyst firms who have laid off analysts in 2009

This is a simple index of posts covering analyst layoffs at various firms. If you hear of job actions at analyst firms, please contact SageCircle at 503-636-1500 or “info [at] sagecircle [dot] com” with tips and insights.

  1. Aberdeen Group (January 2009)
  2. AMR Research (January 2009)
  3. Burton Group (January 2009)
  4. Current Analysis (September 2009)
  5. Enterprise Management Associates (May 2009)
  6. Forrester Research (February 2009)
  7. Gartner (January 2009)
  8. IDC (April 2009)
  9. In-Stat (February 2009)
  10. iSuppli (January 2009)
  11. The 451 Group (February 2009)
  12. TowerGroup (July 2009)
  13. Yankee Group (January 2009)

6 Responses

  1. I think the layoffs go beyond January back into last Fall and late 2008.

    It would be interesting to analyze the data across the firms in terms of:

    – Total number of affected analysts
    – General coverage areas of affected analysts (inform where firms’ services are not profitable or where they are dis-investing resources)

    I hope that those affected are successful in finding their next gig and that all goes smoothly & quickly in the process.


  2. Hi Gerry, Thanks for the comment.

    Oh yes, the layoffs started a year ago with IDC in May 2008.

    Hmm, interesting idea about analyzing the layoffs for what they reveal. Let me take a look at that.

  3. Interesting that in a time of economic hardship one would think that now more then ever Analyst Relations people would be required to extoll the virtues of software solutions and be the credible link between end user and the vendor. Where would one look to see if Analyst firms are hiring?

  4. […] To see a round of firms that have experienced layoffs this year please see Listing of analyst firms who have laid off analysts in 2009. […]

  5. […] Forrester Research, Inc. Q2 2009 earnings call scheduled – will it continue to lose enterprise clients? Posted on July 20, 2009 by sagecircle This earnings call should be interesting in the wake of yet more analyst firm layoffs (see TowerGroup is rightsizing for a changed landscape and Listing of analyst firms who have laid off analysts in 2009). […]

  6. […] To see a roundup of firms that have experienced layoffs this year please read Listing of analyst firms who have laid off analysts in 2009. […]

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