June’s AR Coffee Talk is on AR’s social media monitoring

icon-coffee-talks.jpgSome of today’s new challenges for AR teams are how to determine if there is value to monitoring analyst opinions on blogs and Twitter, how to do the monitoring and how to use the information gathered. In this Coffee Talk, SageCircle strategists and AR professionals will discuss these issues and potential approaches to measuring and reporting on the analysts’ social media-based commentary.

June 10 at Noon US Pacific            Free – Click here to register

June 23 at 8:30 am US Pacific       Free – Click here to register

AR Coffee Talks

Networking and chatting with peers is a great way to expand your knowledgebase. Unfortunately, we do not always have the time to go to a specific event. SageCircle’s free Coffee Talks are our way to facilitate the development of the AR profession. A strategist or guest speaker will take ten minutes or so to set up the topic and then it’s open discussion.

You supply the coffee, we’ll all supply the talk.

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