SageCircle AR Podcast for June 16, 2009 – Aberdeen change; Twittering analyst update; Cynics or Skeptics; Analyst as AR

SageCircle AR Podcast ArtworkThe AR podcast is a review of the latest news and trends in the analyst ecosystem along with tips and tricks for analyst relations professionals and analyst research consumers. SageCircle strategists Dave Eckert and Carter Lusher co-host this bi-weekly program. You can find all the SageCircle podcasts on our podcast page.

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SCP 3: Table of contents. Numbers in parentheses refer to minutes:seconds when the article starts within the podcast.

(00:00)  Introduction

(00:55) In this edition we start with a discussion on the impact of the change in Aberdeen leadership

(04:05) state of analysts on Twitter

(09:30) reactions to our blog post about cynical analysts

(13:05) the effectiveness of analysts moving into vendor positions

(15:50) and topics you can include in your regular staff meetings

(17:10) We wrap up by looking at upcoming SageCircle events.

(18:14) End credits

Our goals for the AR Community Podcast are two-fold. The first goal is to provide an additional venue for SageCircle research that complements our existing deliverables, whether free (e.g., SageCircle blog) or client only (e.g., the Online SageContent Library, the largest and premier repository of AR best practices and downloadable tools available in the industry). The second goal is to develop real-world podcasting skills so when our clients are considering their own podcasts we have the experience (and scar tissue) to help them start podcasting without having to re-invent the wheel.