Gartner analyst restarts his use of Twitter

photo - Gartner Anthony BradleyGartnerian Anthony Bradley (bio, blog, Twitter) in his blog announced OK, OK, I Hear Ya, I’m Tweeting Again.

“I used Twitter ages ago and never really got into it (didn’t see the value). But now that Twitter has gained more participants and I’m being asked more and more for my Twitter name, I’m going to give it another shot.”

icon-social-media-blue.jpgThis is not an uncommon occurrence. Someone signs up for Twitter, plays around with it for awhile and drops it when they don’t see immediate value. Then something gets them back on Twitter and they have an “ah ha!” moment. Moral of the story is that analyst relations (AR) cannot assume that an analyst’s position on Twitter and other social media, no matter how vehemently stated, is permanent. Of course, an analyst that was a heavy user of social media could stop using it as well.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Check SageCircle’s Analyst Twitter Directory periodically for your top analysts
  • Ask your analysts who are not using Twitter if they have changed their minds. This can be done during briefings, inquiries or during any other interaction
  • Mention to analysts just starting to use Twitter that you found a particular tweet useful or interesting to encourage them and to build your relationships

Bottom Line: AR needs to keep on top of their most relevant analysts’ usage of social media because their opinions can change quite quickly. AR can score relationship points with their analysts by being early followers of their tweets and blog postings.

Question: AR – Do you have examples of your analysts who scoffed at social media who are now using some form of it?

Do you think it would be too much work to monitor analyst commentary on social media? Maybe it would be less than you assume.

 SageCircle’s Analyst Social Media Traffic Analysis service can eliminate the work of establishing whether your top analysts are tweeting and blogging. Starting at $195, the service is a bargain. Click here for more information.

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  1. Just finished two days worth of briefings with Adobe and twitter has played a key role in prep and in testament to how well content was received. It is a little tricky to track it all but so is keeping on top of email.

    Granted it depends on whether your key analysts are Twitter savvy but for me Twitter is no different than email.

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