Managing Your Gartner and Forrester Expenditures – A SageCircle Webinar

icon-budget-cuts-105w.jpgThe largest analyst contract commitments by enterprises, vendors and PR agencies often go to the Big Two advisory analyst firms: Forrester Research and Gartner. Unfortunately even during this recession, the two firms are not displaying any flexibility in contract negotiations – even though vendor clients are experiencing budget cuts.

To help analyst contract managers (e.g., AR, market research and procurement managers) take a strategic approach to dealing with the need to manage spending with Forrester and Gartner, SageCircle has a public webinar focused on providing the tools and intelligence needed to make the best decisions and deal with the firms’ sales representatives. 

In this SageCircle Webinar we provide insights and actionable advice on how to manage what you spend with Forrester and Gartner to ensure that you have the access you need without spending more than necessary. Key Issues to be addressed in this webinar include:

  • Is it possible to negotiate discounts with Forrester and Gartner?
  • What are the best practices for identifying expenditures that can be safely cut?
  • What are the repercussions with analysts at the Big Two if contracts are cut or even eliminated?
  • What are the best practices for handling angry and even threatening analyst firm sales representatives?

In this SageCircle Webinar, our strategists will provide a succinct analysis of why the Big Two are not being flexible and how vendors need to respond. Participants will come out of the webinar with best practices and tools that will help them manage their expenditures without adversely impacting their ability to influence the industry analysts.

Who Should Attend:

  • Analyst relations professionals and managers
  • Market research professionals and manage
  • Procurement and contracts managers
  • Corporate librarians
  • IT managers (aka end users) responsible for purchasing analyst services


  • What we are hearing from contract buyers from around the analyst ecosystem
  • The Big Two’s business models and the lack of negotiating flexibility
  • The connection between the business model, the research methodology, and the analyst culture
  • Evaluating the true business value of Forrester’s and Gartner’s service offerings
  • Evaluating alternatives to Forrester’s and Gartner’s service offerings
  • Information is power – what you need from the analyst firms to understand current usage
  • Identifying where you are wasting money with your current contracts
  • Framework for deciding which level of a service offering is appropriate
  • Timing is everything – contract renewal versus the rest of the year
  • Working with the firms’ sales teams
  • What is the right attitude to have when negotiating with the firms

There will be plenty of time for your observations and questions.

The cost of this information-packed session is only $95. You can register by clicking here or visiting  In addition, the cost is per login not per person. Feel free to schedule a meeting with your colleagues in a conference room and have all of them participate via a single ticket. Then afterwards you can discuss how to apply what you learned during the webinar.

The next session is on September 30, Wednesday, at 8 AM Pacific.

If you have any questions about the webinar or wish to arrange a private session for your company, please call SageCircle at 503-636-1500 or send an email to “info [at]”