Can I use a newsletter to promote my AR blog? (AR Practitioner Question)

Question: The following question was asked during a Blogging for AR webinar “Can I use a newsletter to promote my AR blog?”

The answer is “yes.” A newsletter is one of many tools AR should be using to increase the visibility and traffic to its blog. A regular newsletter (e.g., sent the last Wednesday of every month) could highlight some or all posts on a blog with a simple one sentence tease with the link to the post. Do not include the full post as you would want the analyst to get in the habit of visiting your blog. In addition to promoting the blog, this regular – and short – newsletter could include news about events, links to especially important financial statements or other web posted information, and even links to press releases, if they were highly relevant to analysts.

SageCircle Technique:

Other techniques for promoting an AR blog include:

  • Include a link to the blog in your email signature block
  • Include a link to the blog in any PowerPoint presentations or PDFs
  • Mention the blog during inquiries and briefings
  • Send personal emails to targeted analysts about a new blog post that might be of especial interest to that particular group of analysts

Bottom Line: Blogs can be a very powerful communications tool in the AR toolbox. However, they can only be effective if the analysts are reading the blog. AR teams must use good marketing techniques to promote their blogs in order to increase readership.

Question: AR – Are there additional techniques for promoting a blog that you like?

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  1. Hi Carter,

    A related question: I’m wondering why people have an AR blog at all. I mean in house AR people, especially large companies.

    I’ve looked at a lot and it’s unclear what the goals and audience are. Some are clearly internally focussed (look at my accomplishments and promote me please) and others aimed at analysts are redundant with other public channel.

    Do you think analyst get anything useful from the latter category?

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