HENRY Corporation launches – Represents former senior IDC EMEA analysts

Logo - Henry CorporationHere is an interesting announcement concerning the launch of a new ICT market research and marketing services firm that brings together former senior IDC analysts who were caught in IDG’s right-sizing exercise. A few points about the HENRY Corporation:

  • Each analyst is also an independent practitioner, some with a firm name and some under their name
  • With the exception of Martin Hingley (Twitter,  blog), most of the Fellows are not active users of social media
  • With the exception of Simone de Bruin’s LinkedResearch website and to a lesser extent Hingley’s blog, none of the other Fellows have a formal web presence

SageCircle’s initial impression is that HENRY Corporation will be the marketing function as well as sales organization for this group of former IDC senior analysts. As such it will be somewhat more involved with its portfolio of analysts than Valley View Ventures, which acts simply as a sales agent for its associated analysts and boutiques.

Below is a blog post by Hingley on the launch, followed by the official announcement.

Overview from Martin Hingley, one of the original HENRY Fellows:

The Henry Corporation Brings Familiar Experts Back To Support The ITC Industry

What happens when a major market research organization off-loads most of its senior analysts in EMEA? I’m sure it does its best to run its services with newer researchers. However many industry execs will miss the quality of support, ideas and advice that they once had. In the case of my old company some familiar faces, now independent, are also as eager as ever to provide support. For myself I set up ITCandor in May 2009 and am publishing research and offering my services through this web site.

To help bring potentially lost expertise back to the industry on a wider level Carsten Schmidt launched the Henry Corporation on November 1st 2009. The aim of the organization is to provide clients with marketing supporting (presentations, consulting and market reports) on the ITC industry in EMEA.

The constitution is a loose grouping of senior executive ‘Henry Fellows’ – currently all ex-IDC analysts with decades of experience in tracking complex markets. Current Fellows include:

  • Anne-Lisa Wang (HAIKKOO) – Software industry, applications, enterprise portals
  • Claus Egge – storage systems, data leakage, cloud based content, green IT, new media types, data security, disaster recovery/BC, server, storage virtualisation
  • Marcel Warmerdam – IT markets, forecasting, market models
  • Martin Hingley (ITCandor) – ITC markets, data centre, cloud computing, CSR, digital explosion, forecasts, market shares
  • Pim Bilderbeek – Telecoms, multimedia, social media, enterprise mobility, unified communications, cloud computing, managed services, data center, and mission critical infrastructure
  • Simone de Bruin (LinkedResearch) – pan-European partnership strategies pan-European partnership strategies in the software/services industry

Official Announcement:

New, international ICT market research and marketing services firm for professional marketers

Copenhagen, Nov. 2nd 2009

HENRY Corporation today launches with a partnership of experienced analysts and marketing consultants ensuring ICT vendors financially attractive and innovative marketing strategy and go-to-market solutions.

A rapidly transforming technology industry demands agile strategy and marketing support. Experts with deep knowledge in their core areas combined with execution capability to solve time-to-market challenges.

The HENRY Corporation bases the span of competencies on professional associates – HENRY Fellows. This federated approach allows for the delivery of solutions that meet specific marketing requirements in any given situation. Overhead and administration costs are reduced and the HENRY Fellows responsible for managing concrete project deliverable will focus on the return on investment for the ICT vendor rather than prioritizing own available resources and need for branding.

The HENRY assets are a network of experienced, independent market analysts within executive ICT business and marketing advice and a network of speakers from both small and major international research companies.

Founder Carsten Schmidt, a former senior manager with research company IDC, is confident Henry’s approach will tap into: “Professional marketers in knowledge industries are networked people. We depend on individual expertise across all kind of borders. By introducing personal governance to corporate IT market research HENRY Corporation brings to the market not only knowledge and experience but true independence and objectivity”.

The company’s services include a speaker bureau for ICT vendors, event management services in cooperation with IDG in Denmark, and strategic and tactical marketing services for ICT vendors in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. 

More information at: www.henrycorporation.com

Founder Carsten Schmidt can be reached at cs@henrycorporation.com or +45 3142 1900.


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