2010 planning tips – assessments

Analyst Relations PlanningAs we get closer to 2010 more analyst relations (AR) teams are engaging in the annual planning exercise. One of the ways to enhance the power of planning is to systematically and honestly assess the program and its accomplishments. 

Below is a quick check list of assessment techniques. You can listen to a discussion of some of these techniques on the November 3rd SageCircle AR Community podcast which you can listen to by clicking here.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Conduct an audit of how AR has performed in the last year
  • Conduct an audit of what AR has accomplished in the last year
  • Ruthlessly evaluate how AR is allocating its time
  • Do a zero-based rethink of all spending, especially Forrester and Gartner expenditures
  • Poll AR’s internal stakeholders on perceptions about AR’s role and business value
  • Survey analysts on AR’s effectiveness
  • Leverage SageCircle’s Analyst Relations Diagnostic™ service (free for non-clients)

SageCircle Advisory clients are encouraged to schedule a phone-based inquiry to review information from assessments, brainstorm priorities for next year, critique draft AR plans and any other planning needs.

Bottom Line: Planning starts with an honest assessment. AR teams need to check their past year performance, allocation of resources, and internal and external stakeholder perceptions to make AR planning an effective tool. 

Question: AR – What other types of assessment tools do you use?

Join us for the December AR Coffee Talk on “End of Year Check List”

December brings the holidays, but also tasks that should be completed before 2010.  This AR Coffee Talk will review those planning activities that can make the start of the New Year smooth and productive.  We will provide checklists, but bring your ideas to share. There are three sessions to make it easy to schedule:

  1. December 2 at 10 AM Pacific  Free – Click here to register
  2. December 8 at  9  AM Pacific  Free – Click here to register
  3. December 14 at 8 AM Pacific  Free – Click here to register