AR Job Openings – HP and McAfee


Director, U.S. Corporate Media Relations-358948 (click for more info and to apply)

  • Attract, grow, motivate and maintain talent; build a skilled PR/AR team
  • Improve PR/AR efficiencies through process, tools and collaboration
  • Create a world-class PR/AR cost structure, operations and execution quality
  • Prioritize, drive and evaluate key PR/AR strategies and programs in support of business objectives
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with media, analysts and industry leaders that are important to HP and the business

Primary Location – United States-California – Palo Alto

Job Number 358948


Analyst Relations Director-867627 (click for more info and to apply)

The Analyst Relations Director is responsible for the entire global analyst relations function. The position is responsible for all outbound communication to the industry analyst community, inbound communication from the analyst community into McAfee and all internal communication to the company regarding industry analysts. The position must work closely with the product marketing and product management teams along with McAfee executive teams. This role will also be responsible for internal market intelligence and competitive reports based on analyst feedback and research. The ideal candidate will have security expertise and should be able to offer strategic council to the product teams on how to communicate better and get better placement on key reports.

Primary LocationUSA-CA-Santa Clara

Position Number 867627


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