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Icon - newsTip o’ the hat to many tipsters who provide us with the following tips. Alas, they are all shy so they requested that their names not be used. 


  • Forrester – Nigel Fenwick (Twitter, personal blog) covering CIO issues
  • Forrester – Augie “August” Ray (Twitter, personal blog) covering social computing
  • SynergyACG – Eve Griliches (Twitter) covering telecommunications equipment. Prior to SynergyACG Eve was a Director at IDC.


  •  AMR Research – Janet Sherlock covering retail is leaving to take the CIO position at a retailer
  • AMR Research – C.J. Wehlage covering high technology vertical is leaving
  • Forrester – Paul Roehrig covering IT services is leaving for Cognizant, a vendor
  • Gartner – Arabella Hallawell covering anti-virus, endpoint, email security and web filtering security markets has left for Sophos,  a vendor
  • Gartner – Frank Kenney (Twitter – corrected) covering marketing and advertising technology trends has left for Ipswitch, a vendor

Tip o’ the hat to Gartner PR for noticing that we had the wrong Twitter address associated with Frank Kenney. We apologise for the error.

Any analyst departure is news

In the blog post A potpourri of observations and comments about the analyst ecosystem and social media we indicated that the departure of a particular analyst “is not news.” Well, we got some emails expressing disagreement with that characterization as it was big news for them. And the writers were quite right in upbraiding us. What we were referring to in that post was that analysts leaving firms were normal turnover, unlike the layoffs at various firms this year. So this particular departure was not news like layoffs are news. Oops, poorly worded. Our correspondents are absolutely correct that the departure of an analyst that happens to be in one of an AR team’s most relevant analysts is news for that AR team. Period. The departure of a highly relevant analyst should cause the AR team to leap into dynamic action, such as determining who is the interim analyst covering that topic and getting them briefed.

Thanks for the emails. Agree or disagree, we welcome your responses to what we post whether by blog comment, Tweet or good old email. Contact us at “info (at) sagecircle (dot) com” or 503-636-1500.

Send SageCircle your tips

Are you or someone you know in analyst relations (AR) or at an analyst firm on the move? Please let us know and we’ll post the news in future editions of People on the Move. Send us the information to info [at] sagecircle dot com.

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