Special offers for AMR Research’s clients, sales professionals and analysts

Not surprisingly, the acquisition of AMR Research by Gartner is inspiring other analyst firms to launch campaigns to capture AMR clients, sales team members, and even analysts. 

Two firms that have already announced client switch campaigns include Ovum (see here) and Ventana Research (click here). For research consumers who are looking for market and product/services insights and advice, rather than access to a firm for influencing purposes, this could be an opportunity to purchase access to analysts at a very competitive rate. At a minimum, enterprises and vendors with AMR contracts coming up for renewal should talk to Ovum and Ventana, if these firms have research relevant to you.

Ovum is also interested in talking with AMR analysts and sales representatives. For more information, please contact Rosemary Masterson (email).

Any analyst firm with special deals for AMR or Gartner clients, sales representatives, or analysts should notify SageCircle at “info [at] sagecircle [dot] com.” Please indicate whether you want your special deal highlighted on the SageCircle blog or if you would prefer that we privately pass the information to interested parties.

SageCircle Technique:

  • AMR clients should take a zero-based approach to contract renewals, exploring offerings from other firms and not just signing up with Gartner (avoid the automatic contract renewal trap)
  • Analysts and sales representatives at AMR – and the affect portions of Gartner – should explore career opportunities at other firms

Bottom Line: M&A events offer research consumers opportunities for that could provide enhanced access to smart analysts at very competitive prices. At the same time, M&A offers analysts and sales representatives with opportunities to switch employers. For AR professionals, the switching of clients and employees between firms could lead to changes in analyst list rankings, outreach priorities, plans, and spending. Analyst firms and AR should focus on leveraging M&A events as situations for changing the status quo.

Question: What do you think will be the departure rate of AMR clients, sales professionals, and analysts once Gartner has assumed control?


4 Responses

  1. AMR is so well entrenched, solid and differentiated in the core market research & advisory areas that it serves, that I think this type of opportunistic campaign to “attract” new clients away from AMR/Gartner is (and will prove to be) more wishful marketing than reality.

    This is a bit different than say, the successful campaigns that HP and IBM have launched to attract & migrate nervous Sun customers concerned with the future of their hardware.


  2. Carter, absolutely agree with your advice that AMR clients should grasp this opportunity to drive a stronger buying position with Gartner and AMR services. With no clear plan in place for the AMR IP and little detail around the Gartner plans to integrate AMR in the new year, I would imagine AR purchasers would be very scpetical in re-signing a contract for AMR services in the next 3 months or so.

    I think that we will see the real answer to your questions by the New Year depending on whether Gartner are sensitive to their acquired clients purchasing plans, or just play hardball in renewing AMR contracts with Gartner contract at a price premium, and what the analyst attrition will be.

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  4. […] Special offers for AMR Research’s clients, sales professionals and analysts […]

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