Analyst Ecosystem News – Comings and goings, company news

Tip o’ the hat to the tipsters who provided us with the following tips. Most prefer to be anonymous.


Ptak, Noel & Associates – Mike Karp (email) joins Ptak, Noel covering storage and storage services.  Mike will be working out of offices in the Boston area.


Freeform Dynamics – David Tebbutt (Twitter) covered social and environmental computing

Gartner – Jim Lundy (Twitter) covered social media has left for Saba (vendor)

Company News:

ARinsights enables users to view analyst photos on their smart phones. Using ARchitect™’s Outlook plugin, AR managers can quickly and easily create an Outlook contact that includes the analyst’s picture. This can be incredibly handy if you are meeting an analyst for the first time at an event and you need to quickly review his or her picture in order to recognize them in a room. What makes it even easier is that ARinsights staff maintains the ARchitect analyst database including adding the photos. (website)

Former employee convicted of defrauding Gartner. Benjamin Cardona received four years in prison and ordered to forfeit $222,182.13 for a scheme where he arranged for multimedia services contracts to outside vendors in exchange for kickbacks. It is important to note that Cardona was not an analyst and had no responsibilities for the creation of research.


Are you or someone you know in analyst relations (AR) or at an analyst firm on the move? Do you have news about an analyst firm?  If so, please let us know and we’ll post the news in future editions of People on the Move. Send us the information to “info [at] sagecircle dot com”.

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