Analyst Tips for AR


Background: There are a number of interesting blog posts by analysts providing tips to the analyst relations (AR) community. This is very useful information for AR professionals, both to improve their AR execution, but also to get insights into the analysts. Here are the blog entries that have found so far (alphabetical order by the analysts’ firm at the time of publishing). Please let us know about analyst posts with AR tips that we are missing, or about broken links, by leaving a comment or sending an email to info [at]

One important tip: read the comments. Sometimes the better content is not in the post itself, but the conversation it stirs up.

SageCircle Technique: AR professionals should ask analysts what are their preferences when it comes to interactions. AR teams should also closely monitor the blogs, if any, of their Tier 1 and 2 analysts to capture any insight into how the analysts like to be treated by vendors.

Bottom Line: For AR professionals, understanding what analysts like and don’t like can be a valuable piece of insight to make your interactions more productive. Remember, analysts are people and individuals, not some monolithic “analyst,” so treat them as individuals.

Analyst and their tips

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, CMS Watch

Curt Monash, DBMS2, Monash Report, Strategic Messaging, Text Technologies

Charlene Li, Forrester

James Kobielus, Forrester

Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester

Dale Vile, Freeform Dynamics

Gartner Analyst Relations Newsletter

Judith Hurwitz, Hurwitz and Associates

Robin Bloor, Hurwitz and Associates & Bloor Research

Henry Morris, IDC

Rachel Happe, IDC


Gordon Haff, Illuminata

Michael Gartenberg, Jupiter Research

Michael Coté, Redmonk

James Governor, Redmonk

Stephen O’Grady, Redmonk

John Toigo, Toigo Partners International


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