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    ‘Influencer relations’ is no longer the best term for B2B relationship marketing

    ‘Influencer relations’ is no longer the best term for B2B relationship marketingWhen our blog changed its name from Analyst Equity to Influencer Relations, we did so to reflect the two-fold role that analyst relations established in integrating communications: enabling relationships with similar business-to-business (B2B) influencers, sourcing advisors and consultants; and developing messages and materials that enable internal capacities like sales, marketing insight and marketing. Many B2B Read more about ‘Influencer relations’ is no longer the best term for B2B relationship marketing[…]

    AR Classics: Identifying and Measuring Impact and Influence

    AR Classics: Identifying and Measuring Impact and InfluenceHow can analysts in non-traditional, freemium, analyst firms prove their value, and how should analyst relations professionals respond to their growing impact? Until analysts start to track their impact in the fullest way, they will always be underestimated by suppliers in the high technology and telecommunications industries. Back in 2015, when this was posted, Edelman’s Read more about AR Classics: Identifying and Measuring Impact and Influence[…]

    Investor relations head takes over AR at Tata

    Investor relations head takes over AR at TataThe IIAR is discussing a big surprise: one of the big 3 IT services brands just put its analyst relations (AR) under the control of its head of investor relations (IR). It would be unimaginable in most firms, and perhaps Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the few firms that can do that well. Tata Sons’ Read more about Investor relations head takes over AR at Tata[…]

    Peter O’Neill joins Kea Company as Research Director

    Peter O’Neill joins Kea Company as Research DirectorLONDON. February 1st 2018 — Longtime industry analyst Peter O’Neill has been appointed Research Director by Kea Company, the world’s largest analyst relations (AR) consultancy. O’Neill was previous research director at Forrester Research, leading the firm’s services for analyst relations professionals as well as research for B2B Marketing professionals.   At Kea Company, O’Neill will Read more about Peter O’Neill joins Kea Company as Research Director[…]

    AR Classics: Barbara French on how to grab an Influential Analyst’s Attention

    AR Classics: Barbara French on how to grab an Influential Analyst’s AttentionBarbara French’s Grab an Influential Analyst’s Attention: 3 Secrets & 4 Tips helps companies to avoid some of the most common errors in analyst relations. We especially appreciated these points in the article. Marketers can use analysts and analyst research to add credibility to their businesses without ever having the analyst specifically endorse their company. Read more about AR Classics: Barbara French on how to grab an Influential Analyst’s Attention[…]
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SageCircle’s most-read articles in 2017

The enduring value of the SageCircle approach to analyst relations is reflected by the surprisingly healthy traffic visiting the SageCircle blog. Since SageCircle was bought by Kea in 2014, our blogging platform has been influencerrelations.com. Even so, in 2017 several thousand visits came to the most-read posts listed below.

  1. NCVI are the four most important letters in the English alphabet for a Gartner sales rep
  2. Gartner surprised by new competitors that steal enterprise clients
  3. Vendor complains in a very public blog post about Gartner’s Data Integration Magic Quadrant
  4. The questions that Forrester and Gartner clients ask the analysts
  5. Planning can increase your effectiveness and efficiency by dovetailing activities
  6. The Top 5: Worst Practices for an Analyst Briefing Presentation
  7. Using five rights to avoid a wrong when it comes to purchasing Gartner or Forrester services
  8. Defining “Analyst Relations”
  9. Strengths and weaknesses of analyst research delivery types
  10. Gartner’s Hype Cycle – Anticipate and Influence
  11. Saving money on contracts with the Forrester / Gartner duopoly is not simple

SageCircle joins Kea Company

On March 3rd 2014, Kea Company announced its purchase of SageCircle. It’s great news for the analyst relations profession, writes Duncan ChappleKea Company logo:

I am excited that Dave Eckert will be joining our advisory board. I’m looking forward to Kea’s role in developing SageCircle’s contribution. The press release explains that SageCircle has developed an immense reputation: “The integration of SageCircle’s vast expertise underlines Kea Company’s global Analyst Relations leadership. It strengthens Kea Company’s existing presence in the US market.”

Ten years ago, when SageCircle’s investors pulled out, it temporarily closed. In a note I wrote at that time for clients, I explained Sage’s strengths.

“Eventually, a quarter of the technology and telecoms firms in the US Fortune 500 were clients. SageCircle had built a successful analyst relations consultancy on five foundation stones;
  1. Analyst-led: SageCircle was analyst-led. Former Gartner analysts like Carter Lusher, Chris Germann, Dave Cappuccio, andChris Le Tocq gave the firm deep understanding of the pain analysts feel when meeting badly-prepared vendors. SageCircle, like its competitors Kensington Group and Knowledge Capital Group, opted to not run analyst relations activities for its customers.Without the continually-refreshed, front-line learning one can get from building analyst relationships for a vendor, SageCircle’s former analysts were a huge asset in overcoming the insight lost by refusing to conduct analyst outreach.
  2. • Top to bottom: The firm addressed itself to AR programs at every stage of development: not only the largest firms but also the smallest. The needs of the programs differ greatly. Large firms have in-house AR teams that need help in optimizing processes, training, winning executives’ time, defending and extending gains made in their internal political process and selling internally. Small firms need the basics: why analyst relations matters; how to target; what to say; who to use; when to contact analysts; where to allocate the bulk of their effort. Both sets of skills are essential.
  3. • Sales-led: SageCircle positioned analyst relations as a way to grow sales, not as a way to optimize media profile or coverage volume. This is a key conceptual break in moving analyst relations away from the subordination to media relations which constrains many analyst relations programs.
  4. • Objective measurements: SageCircle also developed measurement approaches that were focused on monitoring analyst opinions in research and the media. At the time the firm was founded, many AR measurement tools were based either on dangerously subjective, and often self-serving, “audits”of conversations or on surveying analysts opinions of the communications tools and channels that firms used. By focusing on written content rather than technique alone, SageTrack, the firm’s tool for measuring analyst tonality in published research and media interview, helped elevate AR to a strategic, sales-building, activity.
  5. • Capacity building: SageCircle played an important role in sharing knowledge, best practice and awareness of analyst relations both within and without its client base. Using seminars, conference calls, briefing notes and white papers the company aimed to give analyst relations advocates the tools they needed to educate the broad marketing community with the understanding and basic mind-set needed to conduct effective analyst relations.”

When Dave Eckert reopened the business a few months later, he maintained these strengths. Now that he is transitioning into an active retirement, and remaining a sage to guide Kea, our task is to build on the work already done, and to bring those strengths and more to a wider audience.












Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from SageCircle

Here is wishing all our clients and readers a happy holiday season.

Our next official post will be on Monday, December 28th.

Announcing the SageCircle free webinar on Gartner’s acquisition of AMR Research



Replay of this webinar is now available. To receive a link and password to watch a streaming version of the webinar please email “info [at] sagecircle [dot] com”. Please include your job title and company name. Agenda:

  • Basics of the deal
  • SageCircle Analysis of AMR’s and Gartner’s Motivation
  • Highlights from Gartner AR Community Call
  • Commentary on Points from Gartner AR Community Call
  • Recommendations for Research Clients
    • Enterprise
    • Vendors
  • Recommendations for Vendor AR Teams


Gartner’s acquisition of AMR Research is very interesting for a number of reasons, but it also raises a number of critical questions. To complement our blog post (click here) on the acquisition, SageCircle is offering a free webinar to expand our analysis as well as suggestions for how clients of either firm as well as vendor AR teams should respond.  Following our short presentation we will have ample time for questions. 

Our webinar is at 10 am US PT on Thursday, December 3rd (click here to register). Please feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues.

Not by coincidence, we scheduled our webinar after Gartner’s AR Community Call, which is this Thursday, the 3rd, at 7:30 am US PT. You can register here, which we recommend you do.

This means during our webinar we will also discuss what Gartner said in its AR Community Call and how it might differ from our analysis.

SageCircle Advisory clients are encouraged to Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving



Here is wishing all our American clients and readers a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving. For our readers outside the US, you no doubt will be enjoying a few days of reduced emails and phone calls! 

Our next official post will be on Monday, November 30th.

Forrester Research Q3 2009 earnings call scheduled

logo-forrester.gifForrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR)  earnings call is 11:00 a.m. Eastern time on Thursday, October 29, 2009 . The earnings call is a webcast that you can find on Forrester’s investor relations webpage. This call is coming the day before Gartner’s earnings call.

SageCircle doesn’t listen to the Gartner and Forrester earnings calls with the same mindset as a financial analyst. What we listen for are clues to how the two publicly traded analyst firms are evolving their business models and research methodologies that might impact their clients, end user or vendor, especially when it comes to contract negotiations. I also listen to gather intelligence about their end-user client bases, which provides input into determining how their influence might be changing, which can be very useful for analyst relations teams. We will publishing summaries and analysis after each call is completed.