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We have moved! Please visit our new location on the SageCircle website.

SageCircle has launched a new website that is now the location for AR Twitter Directory and the other directories. 

Some items, such as the Twitter and Blog Directories, require you to be registered on the site. Registration is free and can be done by clicking on “No Account Yet? Register Here” in the Login box in the upper right column. You will have to validate the registration by responding to a confirmation email that will appear in your inbox in a few moments. Once registered, you can login in and then find links to the directories on the “User Menu” which will appear in the left column under “Upcoming Events.”

Besides the Twitter Directory, the website ( is also the new location of our blog on the analyst ecosystem. You will be able to read all the past posts and comments, the latest blog posts, review the Analyst and AR Twitter Directories, signup for SageCircle’s free AR newsletter, listen to available recorded AR Coffee Talks, and more.

Please let us know what you think about the new website. We appreciate your comments as we work to improve the website and our other services.


  1. If you consider dedicated blogger relations to be a part of this (since many of the bloggers that he deals with are also analysts), then Mike Prosceno of SAP twitters at

  2. It’s your initiative, so it’s your taxonomy, Carter, ut I’m hard-pressed to see the difference between ‘AR at Agency’ and ‘AR Services’… to a (very large) extent, the two compete.

    Notwithstanding that wee gripe, well done for a terrific initiative.

  3. Hi Sandy, Thanks for the comment.

    While Mike might happen to deal with analysts, it is only within the context of of their blogging. As I understand it, Mike does not do day-to-day AR work, like setting up regular update briefings or fill out regular surveys (e.g., for a Magic Quadrant).

    As at this time, I will not be adding “blogger relations” folks.

  4. HI Dom, Thanks for the comment.

    I have never really defined the terms I have used here and elsewhere. Let’s collaborate on some terminology of our little market.

    AR services – refers to firms like ASG, KCG, Lighthouse and SageCircle. Typical services include advisory, measurement and training measurement. Often publishes best practices research. Often offers public seminars or webinars as part of an overall training portfolio. Does not do day-to-day AR activities on behalf of a client. (This sector could be called something different like AR Research & Advisory – AR RAS)

    AR at PR agencies – indicates a dedicated AR professional within a PR agency that does day-to-day AR activities on behalf of a client. Can provide advice. Some agencies do measurement. Does not do formal research and publishing on AR best practices. Does not conduct public training sessions.

    AR contractor – an independent AR professional that contracts to do day-to-day AR activities.

    PR/AR – refers to a vendor employee who wears two (or more) hats

  5. Does not do formal research and publishing on AR best practices. Does not conduct public training sessions.

    Great that you have compiled this but I do have to back Dom up and argue against the case of classifying agencies into purely tactical operators. I know that Edelman amongst several other agencies provide the services you list that would declassify us from the AR at PR agencies grouping as well as AR services.
    Times have changed in the AR world as agencies offering become far more evolved and mature.

    I understand the need for classification but perhaps the definition needs to change. In my opinion the main difference applies more to AR services in that this group does not provide day-to-day implementation.

    This comment shouldn’t detract from the work you do – which you know I am an admirer of. However, it is more of case of I am trying to educate the market that agencies are not as they were 10 years ago and can do far more than ‘perceived’

    Best, Jonny

  6. Quite right, Jonny.

    Carter is correct in that a lot of the research and training that agencies conduct isn’t for ‘public’ consumption, but that doesn’t mean we don’t actually do it. It’s reserved for our paying clients, that’s all.

    On occasion we do enter into the spirit of the ‘open source’ world, by sharing some of our IP publicly – in the past I’ve posted the UK results of H&K’s Tech Decision-Makers Survey, for example – to Jonny’s credit, he’s been even more generous and his blog, much like yours, is becoming a veritable knowledge bank.

    In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that some of the research output and certainly the training courses we provide to clients are as good as, if not better than what’s available on the public market – as an aside, I’ve gone on record criticising the complacency of several AR training providers who won’t allow agency practitioners or freelancers to attend their courses… if you can’t stay ahead of the game by innovating, then stop playing!

    Mind you, I’d say that agencies with ‘serious’ dedicated AR practices like Edelman and H&K are the exceptions to the rule…

  7. Carter, Thanks for including me and for putting this together. You come up with interesting assets for the AR community!

    Sounds like you’re getting a little good-natured competitive bantering about your segmentation of AR profs. It’s tough to draw a line in the sand and say what does and does not count as execution, strategy, best practice.

    Perhaps the descriptors are unnecessary. You’re providing something much more important — company/departmental affiliations. With that info, your readers can decide for themselves who’s a what.

  8. […] v  Carter Lusher put together this list of industry analysts on twitter. I love that he keeps it updated and notifies his followers when new analysts have been added.  Carter also created this list of Analyst Relations professionals. […]

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