AR & recession – briefings need to focus on customers and fast business results

Analyst Relations PlanningBesides refocusing their priorities and activities during a recession, analyst relations (AR) professionals also need to think about what they are telling the analysts. Ordinarily briefings can cover any of a number of topics with even more numerous proof points to support their key messages. However, during a recession AR teams should be rethinking what they communicate to the analysts. 

SageCircle research of how IT managers use industry analysts, reveals that helping them make the business case for a technology product or service purchase is high on their list of activities. This insight provides AR with the direction they should taking their briefings during a recession. Because enterprise executives become cautious during a recession, they demand a more detailed justification for technology purchases. By giving industry analysts customer success stories and hard return on investment (ROI) numbers, AR can provide the analysts with fodder that they can in turn give to IT managers that will help shorten the sales cycles.

While customer success stories have always been considered a high priority topic for vendors to provide analysts, because they are difficult to obtain they frequently get pushed to the back burner.  During a recession AR needs to make finding and communicating customer success stories a much higher, if not the highest, priority. This becomes part of AR’s strategy of refocusing its priorities during a recession.

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Vendor AR teams need to achieve balance between outbound and inbound interactions

One of the biggest mistakes that an analyst relations (AR) team can make when trying to influence an industry analyst is focusing too much on outbound communications (e.g., briefings) and not using inbound interactions (e.g., client inquiry) enough (click to enlarge graphic).

Analyst relations (AR) is typically interrupt-driven so it is easy to get caught up in responding to analyst requests and getting ready for the next briefing. Unfortunately, this leads to a situation where some of the most effective tools AR has are not taken out of the toolbox. To correct this problem, AR teams need to make it a priority to balance inbound and outbound interactions.

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