SageCircle AR Podcast for August 18, 2009

SageCircle AR Podcast ArtworkThe AR podcast is a review of the latest news and trends in the analyst ecosystem along with tips and tricks for analyst relations professionals and analyst research consumers. SageCircle strategists Dave Eckert and Carter Lusher co-host this bi-weekly program. You can find all the SageCircle podcasts on our podcast page.

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SCP 7: Table of contents. Numbers in parentheses refer to minutes:seconds when the article starts within the podcast.

(00:00)  Introduction

(01:01)  News – Gartner’s 2Q 2009 Earnings

(08:57)  News – Client based percentages from Forrester’s 10Q filing

(13:46)  News – Datamonitor, Ovum and Orbys Restructuring Announcement

(17:47)  One indicator of why the industry analysts are still as relevant in the age of Continue reading