GigaOM launches new virtual analyst network to distribute analyst research

GigaOM (see below for background on GigaOM) announced (click here and here to read the announcements) on Thursday May 28, the launch of GigaOM Pro. This new service is a virtual analyst network that will make available analyst research reports on a subscription basis. This report is based on a briefing for SageCircle by GigaOM VP of Research Michael Wolf in advance of the launch and subsequent research.

Logo - GigaOM Pro 

The new network is focused on research publishing and will not be selling retainer advisory or consulting services. If a subscriber likes the research from a particular analyst contributor they are free to contact the analyst and arrange for additional services directly from the analyst or boutique firm. 

The GigaOM analyst network will consist of analyst boutique firms and single practitioners. There is a large pool of analysts that fit that description, many of whom started in the analyst business working for one or more of the larger firms or a management consulting firm. The number of single practitioners has gone up in 2009 as many analysts laid off by existing firms have decided to launch their own practice. At the time of launch the GigaOM Pro network will consist of ten contributors with plans to add more. The lineup in the GigaOM Analyst Network:

  • Dixon, Colin – TDG (IPTV, Online video)
  • Gilbert, George – TechAlpha (IT infrastructure)
  • Greeson, Michael – TDG (broadband)
  • Happe, Rachel – The Community Roundtable (social media and enterprise applications)
  • Hawley, Steve – tvstrategies (television)
  • Hendrix, Phil – Institute for Mobile Markets Research (mobile)
  • Sharma, Chetan –Sharma Consulting (mobile)
  • Tarczon, Andy – TDG (mobile)
  • Urbanski, Juergen – TechAlpha (IT infrastructure)
  • Wheelock, Clint – Pike Research (cleantech)

In terms of market coverage, GigaOM Pro will launch with four domains:

  1. IT infrastructure and cloud computing
  2. Mobile computing
  3. Consumer technology
  4. Clean technology

The goal is not to compete with the existing large analyst firms like Forrester, Gartner or IDC. Rather, GigaOM is looking to create an alternative distribution model that offers a continuing stream of research reports from a portfolio of analysts at a reasonable price, initially under $100 for an annual subscription. The play is to be a market expander by seeking out a huge potential market that the current analyst firms cannot reach with their business models. This could actually help the major firms in Continue reading