Observations on changes in the analyst ecosystem

Gerry Van Zandt  [This commentary comes from guest contributor Gerry Van Zandt (Twitter handle), AR manager with HP Services. This guest post started as a letter that Gerry sent to his HP colleagues. We are posting an edited version with his permission]

I think it’s important to read and internalize what’s happening in the analyst ecosystem at a macro level.  Please note that this is my own take, and not the opinion nor the official position of HP.  Thus, you may or may not agree with it.

For the past 6-7 years, since blogs began to take hold and proliferate, a sea change has been occurring in the influencer (press and analyst) ecosystem.  The strict lines between press and analysts have been increasingly blurring, and a new class of influencers emerged circa 2002, and began really solidifying in late 2005.  I coined the term “blogalysts” for these influencers around this time.

Dozens of reporters and editors have left the press ranks to become industry analysts over the years — that’s not news.  However, we’re seeing more analysts who are contributing regular content to print and on-line press publications (i.e. Gordon Haff/Illuminata and Peter Glaskowsky/Envisioneering writing for C/Net).  Furthermore, laid-off press people and now analysts are leaving their traditional organizations to join on-line blog networks (and going solo) as “expert commentators” around particular topics. Some have strong reputations, others are striving mightily to build or re-build them.

RedMonk was probably the pioneer “blogalyst,” deliberately eschewing traditional paid, data-based research services and publishing commentary free, and 100% on-line.  They joined other newly formed “new-era” research firms like The 451 Group who aggressively embraced blogs and other emerging on-line tools.  Since then, Continue reading


News and Notes: Peter Kim’s new gig, Illuminata’s new website, Gartner in the clouds

Gartner has released a special report on Cloud Computing. In addition there is a podcast by GVP & Chief Gartner Fellow Daryl Plummer that accompanies the special report. The podcast is currently not available as a Gartner Voice (iTunes) download so you have to click here to download or listen. The report requires client status or a credit card. The podcast is free.

Where in world is Peter Kim? Now we know. Today is Forrester analyst Peter Kim’s (blog, Twitter handle) last day. In Now’s the time, the time is now, Peter gives an update on what is next.

Illuminata is rolling out a new website. Put on your “official analyst hat” and let them know what you think.

Macehiter Ward-Dutton (MWD) has launched a new Collaboration Service.

So you have slaved over some analyst reports and got really good results. How do you tell the world? Sun’s Jesse Freund got happy feet and showed everybody in the “Analyze This” AR blog post Gartner Vendor Rating and Software Focus. Congrats to Sun.

Q2 FY Earnings Calls:

  • Gartner, July 30 at 7 am PT
  • Forrester, July 31 at 8 am PT