Analyst Relations in Transit – a new SageCircle service

Unfortunately some highly qualified Analyst Relations (AR) professionals are getting caught up in company downsizings. To facilitate the networking of AR pros “in transit” between jobs and AR managers at vendors with positions to fill, SageCircle is launching a new service: the “AR in Transit” page.

For the time being the directory will be a page in the left navigation menu with a simple list of names and email addresses. blog links and Twitter handles. AR managers, please let us know what additional information you would like (e.g., years of AR experience, geography and so on) to help you target your outreach.

Of course this is a free service by SageCircle for the AR community.

AR professionals that want to be listed (and AR managers who want their open AR job openings highlighted) send us an email to “info [at]”

Here is the initial list:

The list has been move to its permanent location AR in Transit, which can be found in the left navigation bar under Pages.


Yankee analysts – Ovum and IDC are hiring

Update: 8/28/08 11:13 am PT – SageCircle has already forwarded contact information for four former Yankee analysts to analyst firms. If you are in contact with any former analysts please let them know about this free service.

SageCircle has been contacted – via Twitter – by IDC and Ovum indicating that they would be delighted to talk with former Yankee analysts about career opportunities. If interested, send your contact information to “info [at]” and we will pass the information to the appropriate managers at the firms.